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What Does it Mean When Someone Shared a Snap With You?

In this guide, you’ll learn the meaning behind the “shared a snap with you” notification and differentiate it from the “sent a snap” notification.

What Does it Mean When Someone Shared a Snap With You?

If you’ve received the Shared a Snap With You notification, it’s just a glitch. This notification isn’t intended to appear on your device, but for some reason, it does.

Snapchat has yet to address this bug, possibly because it hasn’t been widely reported by users. Many users who encounter this notification find that clicking on it reveals no chats or shared snaps, affirming its glitch status.

Shared Story Feature

The issue might also be linked to Snapchat’s shared story feature. Users can create a story accessible to a group of people. When someone shares a snap to this story, you receive the Shared a Snap notification.

Distinguishing “Shared a Snap With You” from “Sent You a Snap”

For those receiving both notifications, understanding the disparity between Shared a Snap With You and Sent You a Snap is crucial.

Through testing, we’ve found that Shared a Snap With You simply indicates that no actual sharing occurred, unlike Sent You a Snap, which implies a direct snap sent to you.

Despite the seeming absurdity, this conclusion aligns with the glitch nature of the notification.

How to Fix Someone Shared a Snap With You Issue

If you’re determined to resolve the “someone shared a snap with you” issue, consider the following steps.

1. Ask the sender. If possible, inquire with the person triggering the notification. Even if you haven’t received any actual content from them, it’s worth checking if they did anything that might have prompted the notification.

2. Remove and re-add the friend. To eliminate the problem, try removing the friend responsible for the persistent notification. Afterwards, re-add them and observe if the issue persists. It’s advisable to inform them beforehand.

3. Report the bug to Snapchat. If all else fails, report the issue to Snapchat. This is the most effective way to bring bugs to their attention and potentially get a fix.

Follow these steps to report a problem.

  • Tap the settings gear in My Profile to access Settings.
  • Click I Spotted a Bug.
  • Specify the app section related to the issue.
  • Provide a detailed bug description and attach an image if possible.
  • Choose a topic and select Submit.

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