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How-To Editorial Guidelines

At Hey, How to do it, we use the Microsoft Manual of Style, a style guide specific for technical writing that helps keep our instructional content as clear and concise as possible so you’re able to follow along and avoid mistakes.

Here are a few highlights that make a big impact on the quality of our instructions:

Practice “Tech for Humans”: Write like you would speak to a friend. Avoid jargon and unnecessary tech-speak. Keep instructions simple and straightforward.

Get to the Point: Answer the question immediately. Avoid tangents. Our readers want to quickly complete the task and move on with their days.

Consistently Format: Use bold, italics, and other formatting the same way throughout the how-to to avoid confusion from step to step.

Adhering to a strict style guide also helps us maintain consistency across our huge library of how-to articles so you know exactly what to expect next time you visit us for help or to learn something new.

Real-world Expertise for Troubleshooting

Our troubleshooting content is based on the real-world expertise of tech support professionals. We invest time in research, writing, editing, and ongoing updates to provide accurate and easy-to-follow instructions.

Catering to All Skill Levels

Our how-to articles are popular across skill levels, in part because we take care to craft them in a way that allows anyone to follow along at the pace, and with a depth of explanation and support, that feels most comfortable to them.

For a novice reader, who hasn’t done a task before and may need help understating concepts along the way, we link to supporting articles that define concepts, or even additional how-to articles that walk you through a more complex step in greater detail. This way, an expert user doesn’t have to read through explanations and definitions that they don’t need.

For an expert user, we’re careful to keep the first sentence of each step very short and directive, helpful for quickly skimming and getting whatever it is done quickly. When possible, we also summarize the steps in just a few bullets at the very top of the page which make it really easy to get something done when all you need is a reminder.

Diverse and Bias-Free Content

Hey, How to do it is committed to diversity and anti-bias initiatives, ensuring our instructional content reflects a wide range of experiences. We use images of diverse groups, offer practical advice for various income levels, and adhere to strict accessibility guidelines.

Accuracy and Timely Updates

Technology evolves, and so do our how-to articles. We have processes in place to ensure accuracy upon publication and to keep our instructional content up-to-date. Trust Hey, How to do it for reliable, user-friendly tech guidance.

Feedback and Improvement

Your input matters. If you find room for improvement, contact us at info@heyhowtodoit.com. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible content for your tech needs.