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How to Reset Hinge Algorithm

In this guide, you’ll learn ways to reset your Hinge algorithm, boosting your matches and finding better connections.

How to Reset Hinge Algorithm

Resetting the Hinge algorithm can be beneficial if you’re not satisfied with your current matches. While it’s true that you’ll lose existing conversations and photos, the process is worth it for a fresh start and increased visibility.

Remember, resetting your algorithm might mean starting new, but the potential for better matches is worth it in the long run.

1. Change your phone number.

Although Hinge doesn’t currently support changing phone numbers within the app, you can still achieve this by contacting your cellular provider.

After changing your number, delete your current Hinge account and create a new one with the updated information. Ensure you use a phone number that hasn’t been associated with Hinge before for optimal results.

2. Making a new account.

Creating a new Hinge account is a straightforward way to refresh your information and matches. Update your profile picture, personal details, bio, and location to tailor your preferences better. keep in mind that you’ll lose existing images and matches.

Follow these steps to create a new account.

Using your phone number.

  • Download the Hinge app for iOS or Android.
  • Tap Or Phone Number.
  • Fill out your profile info.
  • Allow Hinge access to required permissions.
  • Start meeting great people.

Using Facebook.

  • Download the Hinge app for iOS or Android.
  • Tap Continue with Facebook.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account if prompted (Hinge won’t post anything).
  • Verify your phone number.
  • Allow Hinge access to required permissions.
  • Start meeting great people.

3. Replace your device.

Opt for a better method to reset your Hinge algorithm without changing your device. Your SIM card doesn’t control location; it’s your cellular provider that matters on dating apps.

By replacing your device, you can input new location details, time zones, and more, allowing Hinge to detect your preferences and provide relevant matches. Check with your carrier about coverage areas to align your matches with your desired locations.

4. Replace your SIM.

Replacing your SIM card is a cost-effective way to change your Hinge algorithm without buying a new device. This process wipes location information, allowing you to keep your current device and phone number.

Does Hinge Penalize You for Deleting

Deleting your Hinge account is a quick way to reset your algorithm, and the good news is, there are no penalties involved. When you delete Hinge, it de-authorizes all your account content, erasing matches, messages, photos, and profile information.

Your profile won’t be suggested to others, and you’ll vanish from their Matches and Likes You sections. While you lose access to your matches and messages, your personal information isn’t entirely deleted.

Most apps, including Hinge, don’t penalize users for deleting accounts. Hinge welcomes users back, allowing them to return with the same information and create a new account hassle-free.

How Long Does it Take for Hinge Likes to Reset

On Hinge, you can send up to 8 likes per day, resetting daily at 4:00 AM, local time. After a match, you can send unlimited messages. Hinge Preferred members enjoy unlimited likes.

When you reset your algorithm, along with location and other details, your likes reset. This aligns with the earlier point about matches being cleared.

Once your algorithm changes, your likes and internal information shift automatically. You can easily rebuild your likes with the new algorithm.

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