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What Happens If You Click “I’m Not Interested” on Hinge

In this guide, you’ll swiftly navigate the Hinge dating app unmatching process, focusing on the crucial decision between clicking “I’m not interested” or “No reason”.

What Happens If You Click “I’m Not Interested” on Hinge

It’s widely believed that choosing I’m not interested when unmatching on Hinge decreases the likelihood of encountering similar profiles in the future.

While this isn’t officially confirmed by Hinge, it makes sense: if you’re not interested in a certain type of match, your algorithm should adjust accordingly.

Selecting I’m not interested might just be the solution to keep your Hinge experience smooth and tailored to your preferences.

What Happens If You Click “No Reason” on Hinge

If you choose No Reason during the unmatching process, there’s speculation, though unconfirmed by Hinge, that the person might reappear in your discovery section.

By not providing a reason, you leave the door open for a potential rematch, even with the same individual. If you wish to minimize the chances of encountering the same profile again, it might be wise to provide a reason when unmatching.

Will They Know If I Click I’m Not Interested in This Person?

Hinge does not notify the other party when you choose I’m not interested. Your privacy is respected, and there’s no need to worry about awkward revelations.

Your safety, well-being, mental health, and happiness should always be a priority when navigating the dating landscape. The assurance that your choice to unmatch won’t be broadcasted adds an extra layer of comfort.

Should I Click No Reason or I’m Not Interested in This Person?

The decision is yours, but consider this: if you want to curate your matches and avoid a repeat encounter with a certain type of person, I’m not interested might be your best bet.

On the other hand, choosing No Reason might leave room for the same profile to reappear, making it a suitable option if you’re unsure about permanently cutting ties.

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