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Hinge We Met

In this guide, you’ll master Hinge’s “We Met” feature, fine-tuning matches while keeping your feedback confidential.

What Is “We Met” On Hinge?

We Met is a feature that lets you give feedback on a match. Clicking it allows you to share if you’ve met and how it went, privately between you and Hinge.

Your feedback guides Hinge in showing you more suitable matches based on your preferences and potential for connections and love. The other person is unaware of your feedback.

Does “We Met” on Hinge Notify the Other Person?

Rest assured, your actions with the We Met feature on Hinge remain private. Clicking on We Met and sharing feedback is confidential; the other person won’t receive any notifications or indications.

No profile badges, push notifications, messages, or emails will reveal your use of the We Met feature. Your privacy is paramount.

What Happens When You Click “We Met” on Hinge?

When you click on We Met on Hinge, you can tell Hinge the following things:

1. You tell Hinge whether you met the person or not.

Inform Hinge if you met your match or not. This signals mutual interest without specifying the nature of the meeting, indicating your enthusiasm to connect in person.

2. You tell Hinge how the date went.

Share whether you met the match and your thoughts on the date. You can also report any concerns about the person’s behaviour.

Hinge uses this info to refine your potential matches. Reporting a user may lead to account actions, depending on the investigation results.

3. The other user is not notified.

Your match remains unaware when you use We Met on Hinge to share feedback about your meeting. It’s a private communication with Hinge, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Hinge explicitly assures that your date feedback won’t be shared with current or future matches.

4. Increased match opportunities.

Hinge uses your We Met feedback to refine future matches, showing individuals aligned with your preferences and avoiding those with characteristics you dislike.

We Met streamlines potential matches, increasing your chances of connecting with people you’d love to date.

5. You don’t lose conversations.

Sharing your meeting experience helps Hinge understand your preferences without affecting your ongoing chats.

Only unmatching or account deletion results in conversation loss; We Met won’t impact your ongoing conversations.

What Do “We Met” Do On Hinge

Hinge introduces the We Met feature after users exchange phone numbers, typically within four to five days. This feature surfaces in your conversation options, allowing you to provide feedback on whether you met the match.

Upon selecting We Met, you have two choices: Yes or No. Choosing No requires no further action, but opting for Yes lets you share additional details about the date.

This feedback aids Hinge in understanding your preferences and tailoring future matches accordingly.

To use the, We Met feature, follow the steps below.

From Matches

  • Swipe left on the desired match.
  • Options will appear: Unmatch, Hide, and We Met.
  • Click on We Met to offer feedback.

From Conversations

  • Open the conversation.
  • Tap the three horizontal dots at the top right.
  • Select We Met to provide feedback.

To report a user, click the three horizontal dots in the conversation. And then choose a report for necessary actions.

How Does Hinge Know You Met?

When you or your match exchange phone numbers on Hinge, the app anticipates a potential meeting within a few days. Hinge has observed that users sharing phone numbers typically meet within four to five days.

The We Met feature is triggered after this period, but it won’t activate if no phone numbers are exchanged in the conversation.

Hinge respects your privacy; it doesn’t read entire conversations but identifies personally identifiable information like phone numbers through its algorithms.

While Hinge collects some key data, it’s focused on enhancing your experience. The data includes login details, personal information, survey responses, and your financial information when subscribing to a paid service.

Hinge processes your chats but emphasizes identifying specific information like phone numbers and inappropriate content.

How to Undo “We Met” on Hinge

Unfortunately, reversing a We Met action on Hinge is impossible. Once you share feedback about meeting someone and express your interest (or lack thereof), it becomes permanent.

If you make a mistake, your sole recourse is to use the Report feature, notifying Hinge of the error. Beyond this, there are no mechanisms to retract or amend any feedback provided through the We Met feature on Hinge.

Hinge “We Met” vs. Unmatch

You don’t lose the match or your chats when you confirm meeting someone on Hinge. Now, let’s understand what sets apart We Met from Unmatch on Hinge.

We MetUnmatch
Informs Hinge about your meeting experience.Indicates you no longer want to communicate.
Inform Hinge about your meeting experience.Immediate disappearance from their matches.
Continued conversations based on your feedback.Ends all interactions with the person.

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