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Average Hinge Likes a Day For a Girl

In this guide, you’ll master the art of Hinge likes, explore advanced strategies, and supercharge your success on the app.

How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge?

Using a free Hinge account, you get eight likes daily and one rose (equivalent to a super like on Tinder).

The rose is a powerful tool to express extra interest and potentially boost your chances of a match.

With a limit of nine likes and roses combined, being selective is key.

How Many Likes Per Day is Normal?

The number of likes you use or receive on Hinge varies; there’s no standard.

It’s common to use all nine daily likes, just a few, or none at all – prioritize those who match your preferences.

User preferences, such as height, age, and relationship goals, influence visibility.

Geography matters – urban areas expose profiles to more users, while rural settings limit options.

Is 99+ Likes Good?

Getting 99+ likes is good, but any amount is positive on Hinge.

Numerous factors influence profile visibility, so every like is a win.

There’s no magic number; even a single like could lead to a meaningful connection.

Why Does Hinge Limit Your Likes?

Hinge limits free account likes to encourage upgrading to Hinge Premium. With Hinge Premium, enjoy unlimited likes and advanced preferences like height, family plans, location, education, politics, and lifestyle choices.

This limitation on free accounts serves as an additional incentive to opt for Hinge Premium.

Can You Bypass Hinge-Like Limits?

Bypass Hinge’s like limit by upgrading to Hinge Premium, available at a cost. Choose a monthly fee of $19.99, a three-month plan for $39.99, or a six-month option for $59.99.

With Hinge Premium, enjoy unlimited likes and roses, surpassing the daily nine-like restriction. Additional perks include customized filters, enhanced preferences for potential matches, and a more tailored experience.

To upgrade.

  • Open Hinge on any logged-in device.
  • Tap your profile in the lower right corner.
  • Access Settings.
  • Scroll to Membership and click.
  • Choose your preferred payment frequency.
  • Enter your credit card information to activate Hinge Premium instantly.

How To Get More Likes on Hinge for Free?

If you’re seeking more than nine daily likes without upgrading to Hinge Premium, here’s how to leverage the Hinge Premium free trial for seven days of unlimited likes.

To start your free trial, follow these steps.

  • Open Hinge on any device you’re logged into.
  • Click your profile at the lower right.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Find and click on Membership.
  • Choose a payment frequency (all options include a free seven-day trial).
  • Enter your credit card info (no charges until after seven days).
  • After seven days, revisit the Membership to cancel Hinge Premium.

How Many Likes on My Hinge Profile Is Average?

There’s no fixed average, as it varies based on individual preferences and settings. Hinge lets you customize who appears on your feed by adjusting preferences like height, age, location, and more.

Certain users may limit their visibility with specific settings, while others cast a wider net. Your geographical location also influences potential matches.

Additionally, your gender and sexual orientation play a role; for instance, straight females often receive more likes due to Hinge’s user demographics.

How Many Likes Is Average for A Guy on Hinge?

There is no set average for the number of likes a guy should receive on Hinge. The platform allows extensive customization of feed preferences, influencing visibility.

Users with specific settings may receive fewer likes, while others with fewer preferences might be more discoverable.

Customization options include height, age, children, location, drinking/smoking habits, and relationship preferences. Geographic location also plays a role—urban users may have broader visibility than those in rural areas.

In essence, these settings, along with sexual orientation, impact your likability, making it crucial to tailor your profile for optimal results.

How Many Likes Is Average for A Girl on Hinge?

Unlike a set standard, the average number of likes for women on Hinge varies.

Hinge’s customizable settings impact visibility; certain preferences limit or expand profile reach.

Choices like height, age, children, location, and more shape the profiles you encounter.

Geographic density also influences exposure, with urban areas reaching a broader audience.

Individual settings, coupled with sexual orientation, directly influence frequencies.

Given Hinge’s predominant male user base, straight females often receive more likes.

Success Rate for Men on Hinge

Men make up almost 64% of Hinge users, creating a favourable environment for them.

12% of newlyweds met through Hinge, with a significant portion being men, showcasing the app’s effectiveness.

If you go on a Hinge-initiated date, there’s a promising 72% chance of a second date.

With men dominating the app, there’s a strong likelihood of forming meaningful relationships for male users.

Weekly, 50,000 dates stem from Hinge, with 3,000 evolving into long-term relationships.

On average, users match with sixteen people before finding a long-term connection.

Globally, almost one million people use Hinge, resulting in 0.3% entering long-term relationships weekly. For men, this means a positive outlook on relationship success using Hinge.

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