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Temu Usage and Revenue Statistics

Temu statistics

Temu, a little-known shopping app has quietly overtaken TikTok, YouTube, and Amazon to become the most downloaded free app in both the Apple App and Google Play stores in the U.S. 

Here are all the statistics you need to know about Temu.

Who owns Temu ?

Temu is owned by the Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo.

Temu User Statistics

In December 2022, just four months after launching, Temu had more unique visitors than SHEIN and Wish.

Temu User Statistics

With an average of 41 million visitors in November and December 2021, Temu surpassed major ecommerce sites like Kohl’s, Wayfair, and Nordstrom, and was within striking distance of Macy’s.

Consumers are also coming back and buying more, at a rate far above other “discount” apps. Spend retention on early Temu cohorts shows that shoppers spend ~50% of initial month GMV in their second and third months. For SHEIN, that figure is closer to 20%.

Temu User Retention

Here are some quick statistics about Temu’s website (temu.com) traffic (as of March 2023):

  • Temu has about 68.9 million monthly visitors.
  • Temu is the 399th most popular site in the world.
  • Temu is the 104th most popular site in United States.
  • The average visit duration of the site is 5 minutes and 26 seconds.
  • The majority of Temu’s traffic is coming from United States (90.38%).
  • 50.94% of Temu’s traffic is from Direct.
  • 9.33% of Temu’s traffic is from Organic.
  • 15.11% of Temu’s traffic is from Social.
  • 47.04% of Temu’s traffic is from Paid Search.

Temu Marketing

Temu is spending aggressively on user acquisition to win the U.S. market. This includes running two Super Bowl commercials, costing $7M each.

The strategy seems to have worked. According to Sensor Tower data, Temu saw a 45% surge in downloads and daily active users jumped by about 20% on the day of the Super Bowl, compared to the previous day.

Temu also does Gamification. Users can earn credits and better deals if they play certain in-app games (e.g., raise a family of digital fish to earn a $12 pair of shark slippers) or recommend the app to their friends on their social media feeds. 

Temu gamification marketing

Temu Revenue

The firm achieved about $500 million GMV in the US during its first five months of operation, according to data analytics firm YipitData. In January alone, sales were almost $200 million, the data show. 

Temu revenue

Temu vs Shein

Temu and Shein are associated with low-cost, simple-to-find goods. However, Temu functions more like a marketplace than a self-managed brand like Shein. Temu doesn’t handle design and production.

Temu asks suppliers to submit a list of potential products. Temu curates these products before allowing a store to launch on its platform.

Suppliers ship their goods to Temu’s warehouses in China, where the company handles delivery, marketing, and after-sales services.

Temu has also recently overtaken Shein in the monthly unique visitors.

Temu vs Shein


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