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12 Best DIY Wall Organizers

Wall organizers serve various functions and can be tailored to your needs, whether it’s collecting mail in the entryway or organizing files in the office. Making a DIY wall organizer can be a smart way to utilize empty wall space effectively.

We’ve curated several wall organizer tutorials to help you store different items. These projects vary in materials, cost, time, and complexity. Consider your needs and home decor when choosing a project.

Design a Pocket Wall Organizer for Art Supplies

Teri from The Lovely Drawer breaks down the steps to create a stylish pocket wall organizer for art supplies.

DIY Hanging Organizer from The Lovely Drawer

Simplify Entryway Storage

The Merrythought team demonstrates how to make an attractive pegboard wall organizer for keys, hats, and other entryway essentials.

DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer from The Merrythought

Organize Art Supplies with Hanging Baskets

Andrea from The Beauty Dojo shows how to create a hanging wall organizer with stylish baskets for arts and crafts supplies.

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DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer from The Beauty Dojo

Build a Durable Wall Organizer for a Boy’s Room

Jen from I Heart Organizing designed a masculine, rustic wall organizer for her son’s room, built to last from childhood through teenage years.

DIY Wood Study Wall Organizer from I Heart Organizing

Make Leather Wall Pockets

Justina from Jungalow offers a unique tutorial on creating wall pocket organizers from scrap leather and cork board for a bohemian touch.

DIY Catch All Wall Pockets from Jungalow

Personalize a Grid Wall Organizer

Keith and Lynn from Creating with KLC transformed a wire mesh grid system into a versatile wall organizer for their kitchen.

DIY KItchen Organizer from Creating with KLC

Blend Style and Utility with Wood and Metal

Ashley and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic offer a detailed tutorial on creating an elaborate wood and metal wall organizer. Their video guides are especially helpful for beginners in woodworking.

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DIY Wall Organizer from Shanty 2 Chic

Create a Chalkboard Wall Organizer

Lindi from Love Create Celebrate designed a magnetic chalkboard wall organizer to keep her family on task. Her tutorial allows customization to fit your available space.

How to Build Your Own Magnetic Chalkboard from Love Create Celebrate

Enhance Entryway Storage

Lindsay from A Butterfly House shares how to use scrap wood to create a customizable wall organizer with compartments for shoes, scarves, and other essentials.

Super Simple Scrap Wood Wall Organizer from A Butterfly House

Craft a Sleek Office Wall Organizer

Caroline of Burkatron offers a tutorial for a modern, minimalist wall organizer ideal for decluttering office supplies.

DIY Hanging Organizer from Burkatron

Transform Shutters into a Wall Organizer

Lauren from Bless’er House presents a guest tutorial on repurposing window shutters into a farmhouse-inspired command center.

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DIY Rustic Shutter Organizer from Bless’er House

Use Shelving for Better Organization

How to Nest for Less provides a shelving unit tutorial perfect for organizing craft supplies or larger objects with deeper shelves.

DIY Wall Organizer + Shelf from How to Nest for Less

Each project provides step-by-step instructions to help you create functional and aesthetically pleasing organizers tailored to your space and needs.