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14 DIY Wallpaper Ideas

The appearance of your walls can significantly impact the ambiance of a room. However, updating them can often be a costly endeavor, typically involving lots of paint and some remodeling work.

A cost-effective alternative is to use wallpaper to instantly transform a room and achieve the desired look. Plus, wallpaper is often easy to remove when you’re ready for a change.

You can save even more by creating your own wallpaper. This option is perfect for budget-conscious decorators who can’t find exactly what they’re looking for.

With DIY wallpaper, you can bring any vision to life—whether it’s using photos, painting your favorite flower, or anything else you can dream up.

DIY Faux Floral Wallpaper

A paper cutting tool can be incredibly handy for DIY projects. This DIY faux wallpaper project demonstrates the unique creations you can make with the right tools.

DIY Floral Faux Wallpaper from Classy Clutter

Sharpie-Designed Wallpaper

Sharpies are versatile tools, even for creating wallpaper. Enhance a plain wall by drawing a cute pattern with a Sharpie, applying it directly to the wall or onto removable wallpaper.

Faux Sharpie Wallpaper from Hawthorne and Main

Framed Floral Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Instead of committing to a full wall of colorful wallpaper, place pieces of wallpaper in large frames. This allows for easy changes without the hassle of removing wallpaper.

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Faux Sharpie Wallpaper from Hawthorne and Main

Hand-Painted Dotted Wallpaper

This hand-painted dotted wall strikes a balance between flashy and understated. With neutral colors and a fun pattern, it’s a stylish addition to any home.

DIY Painted Wallpaper in the Mudroom from Hannah Joiner Crosby

Personalized Photo Wallpaper

For photo enthusiasts, this DIY wallpaper is perfect. Use your film camera to create a personalized, cozy, and welcoming space. This tutorial will guide you through the process.

DIY Instax Wallpaper from A Beautiful Mess

Geometric Patterns for Wallpaper

Simple geometric patterns can add style to your home decor without being overly flashy. Follow this tutorial to paint your own charming pattern onto wallpaper to enhance your space.

Geometric Painted Wallpaper DIY from A Beautiful Mess

Step-by-Step Wallpaper Installation

This straightforward tutorial will guide you through the process of installing your own paneled wallpaper quickly. Find the perfect wallpaper that matches your style and get started!

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Easy DIY Wallpaper from Twist Me Pretty

Create Your Own Cactus Wallpaper

The southwest theme is in vogue. Create this adorable DIY wallpaper with whimsical cactuses drawn onto the paper using a gold pen and stencils available at any craft store.

Gold Cactus Wallpaper DIY from A Beautiful Mess

Hand-Painted Brushstroke Wallpaper

While neutral color schemes are popular, adding a pop of color can make your decor more interesting. This DIY hand-painted wallpaper project is perfect for adding a whimsical touch to your walls.

DIY Graphic Brushstrokes Hand Painted Wallpaper from Lemon Thistle

Budget-Friendly Geometric Wallpaper

For an affordable and quick way to spruce up your child’s bedroom, this tutorial is ideal. With just $15 and a few hours, you can create a stunning DIY feature wall with a fun geometric pattern.

How to DIY Graphic Pattern Wallpaper with Sharpie from Retro Den

Tips for Installing Herringbone Wallpaper

This blog provides tips and tricks for installing wallpaper, whether you made it yourself or bought it from a store.

Wallpaper in the Nursery from Jenna Kate at Home

Custom Painted Wallpaper

Using beautiful blue paint and an all-over stencil, this blogger created an enviable bathroom accent. You can implement this method across an entire wall or just part of it.

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Create Faux Wallpaper Using Paint and a Stencil from In My Own Style

Create Floral Wallpaper with Sharpies

Floral patterns are timeless, but finding the right one can be challenging. Create your own floral wallpaper with a Sharpie, which comes in many lovely colors to fit your space seamlessly.

DIY Faux Floral Wallpaper with Sharpie Pen from Savvy Apron

DIY Subway Tile Look for Wallpaper

Budget-friendly peel-and-stick wallpaper can transform your space into a luxurious and modern home. This blog demonstrates how easily it can be done.

DIY Subway Tile Wallpaper Backsplash from Styled With Lace