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30 Affordable DIY Firepit Ideas for Your Backyard

Creating a cozy outdoor space is easy with a DIY fire pit. These fire pit ideas utilize inexpensive or repurposed materials like stone, bricks, pavers, concrete, and retaining wall blocks.

Most projects range from $50 to $150.

Explore these affordable DIY fire pit ideas to transform your backyard into a warm and inviting retreat.

1. Fire Pit Patio Setup

Lovely Indeed built a brick patio with a rock border and bright blue Adirondack chairs to create a cozy fire pit area.

2. Adirondack Style Fire Pit

Marie from Interior Frugalista built a hexagon-shaped fire pit table using lumber and fence boards. It complements her Adirondack chairs, using gel fireplace fuel canisters or Eco Logs for flames.

3. Simple Repurposed Fire Pit

Most Lovely Things crafted a fire pit using a repurposed dye vat. Tree stump side tables add a charming touch to the seating area.

4. Easy DIY Square Fire Pit

This square fire pit from Deals, Steals, and Heels blog is made from cement wall blocks and sand, costing well under $100.

5. Fire Pit Area Transformation

Inspired By Charm surrounded a rustic metal fire pit with purple Adirondack chairs, adding a modern feel.

6. Concrete Pavers Fire Pit

Stacked pavers with a whitewashed brick effect add a modern rustic look to this fire pit from House Mix.

7. Simple Fire Pit with Pavers

Kaysi from Keeping It Simple built a backyard fire pit using retaining wall blocks, sand, and pavers. This project cost $50 and required no grout, mortar, or concrete, making it an ideal starter masonry project.

8. Modern Metal and Glass Fire Pit

Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff created a contemporary fire pit for under $25 using glass frame coverings, a metal planter, and a metal grate.

9. Koi Pond Fire Pit Conversion

Lucy from Lucy’s Lampshades transformed her old koi pond into a fire pit, utilizing the non-combustible rock lining for a safe and functional design.

10. Fire Pit with Salvaged Bricks

Deborah from B Vintage Style used salvaged bricks from France to build an in-ground fire pit, resulting in a minimalist design that’s easy to maintain.

11. Simple Four-Step Fire Pit

A Beautiful Mess offers a four-step guide to building a modern-looking fire pit from concrete landscaping stones and a metal ring.

A Beautiful Mess paired a DIY fire pit with a curved bench decorated with colorful outdoor throw pillows, creating a harmonious and inviting setup.

12. Miniature DIY Fire Pit

Deb McDaniel from Evansville Living made a mini fire pit using a concrete flower pot, perfect for a small backyard setting.

13. Step-by-Step Fire Pit Guide

For a step-by-step guide on building your own fire pit without professional help, check out this detailed guide from The Spruce.

14. DIY Backyard Fire Pit Project

Yellow Brick Home built a $450 fire pit in a single day, complete with matching armchairs and cozy blankets.

15. Beer Keg Fire Pit Upcycle

A stainless steel beer keg can be transformed into a fire pit. Cut down the keg, add vent holes, and polish for a stylish finish.

16. L-Shaped Fire Pit Bench

This L-shaped bench from Thistlewood Farms is painted black and decorated with colorful throw pillows, anchoring a backyard patio.

17. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Transform a stainless steel washing machine drum into a sleek fire pit. Stainless steel is heat-resistant, making it a durable option.

18. Fire Pit with Leftover Bricks

Mimzy & Company used leftover bricks from a fireplace project to build a large round fire pit.

19. DIY S’Mores Cart

A Blissful Nest created a s’mores bar cart, perfect for wheeling out all the essentials for a cozy fire pit gathering.

20. Birdbath Fire Pit Conversion

Turn a marble or terracotta birdbath into a fire pit by disconnecting the water hookups and filling it with firewood.

21. Fire Pit with Concrete Tree Rings

Stack concrete tree rings to create a unique fire pit. Line the inside with fire bricks to ensure safety.

22. Fire Pit with Galvanized Steel Ring

Galvanized steel fire rings are available in various styles and are an easy, quick solution for a fire pit.

23. Cinder Block Cap Fire Pit

Cinder block caps can be arranged into a square fire pit. Consider using a fire ring as a liner to protect the structure.

24. Tire Rim Fire Pit Tower

Use two old truck or car tire rims to create an industrial-looking fire pit. An angle grinder is needed to make this project work.

25. Quick Fire Pit with Kit

Melissa from The Inspired Room combined retaining wall blocks from Lowe’s with a ready-to-go metal fire pit kit, creating a natural-stone look.

26. Brick Stonehenge Fire Pit

Stack bricks like dominoes to create a fire pit with a design that allows for free-flowing air.

27. Asymmetrical Fire Pit Design

Experiment with different stacking patterns to create a unique fire pit that also acts as a windbreaker.

28. Rustic Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Turn an old metal wheelbarrow into a rustic fire pit. Ensure it has no cracks or significant rust for safety.

30. Brick Fire Pit with Leftovers

Hammers N Hugs used leftover bricks to create a fire pit that serves as the centerpiece of an outdoor gathering space.

31. Hanging Cauldron Fire Pit

Hang a cast iron cauldron from a tripod and place firewood inside for a unique and warm glow.

These DIY fire pit ideas can transform your backyard into a cozy, inviting space perfect for gatherings.