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17 DIY Loft Bed Ideas For Adults And Small Rooms

Loft beds are a fantastic solution for making the most of limited space in any room. By lofting your bed, you instantly free up floor space for living, working, or playing.

While they’re especially popular in kids’ rooms for their fun and space-saving features, loft beds are equally great for adults, whether in a small bedroom, guest room, or studio apartment.

Explore these inspiring loft bed ideas that can double your space. Many of these ideas can be DIY projects, or you can seek professional help if needed.

Modern Black Loft Bed

Astin’s Designs created this black DIY loft bed for a teenager’s room, but it works equally well in adult spaces. The area underneath accommodates a desk, with room for storage, a reading nook, or even a second desk.

Pinewood Loft Bed

Brickworks maximized the space in a tiny bedroom with a simple pinewood loft bed. The box frame with supporting beams houses the mattress, while the space underneath is utilized for a desk, wardrobe, and storage cabinet.

Floating Loft Bed

A floating wooden loft bed adds both space and style to a one-room apartment, as seen in @alinacocemelova’s home. The wooden frame is attached to the wall on two sides, with a tiered shelving unit serving as steps.

Balcony Loft Bedroom

In this studio home by Alvhem, a balcony loft bedroom is created above the living area. Though it requires structural work, this setup almost adds an extra floor, just large enough for a bed.

Concealed Loft Bed

Distinct zones for eating, sleeping, and relaxing are crucial in one-room living. This studio from Alvhem features a hidden bedroom with a closet underneath, created by building an interior wall and a secure timber base for the bed.

Cozy Boho Loft Bed

Not all loft beds need storage underneath. @Janine.feid designed a cozy seating area perfect for reading or relaxing. The timber frame bed is secured to the wall, with beams on all sides and a simple wooden ladder for access.

Sky-High Loft Bed

Living, cooking, and sleeping in one room can be challenging. Graham from @cartographh embraced this by creating a sky-high loft bed. Utilizing the high ceilings, this loft bed provides ample room underneath for a workstation and wardrobe.

Raised Platform Loft Bedroom

When ceiling height is limited, you can still create a loft bedroom. In this small apartment featured on Cup of Jo, a sturdy wooden platform lifts the bed, creating storage space underneath. A curtain keeps everything tidy and out of sight.

Loft Bed with Walk-In Closet

If you have a separate bedroom in your studio apartment, you can double the space with a loft bed. This narrow bedroom adds a false ceiling to house the sleeping area, transforming the space below into a walk-in closet with a clothes rail and dresser.

IKEA Shelf Hack Loft Bed

Amber from @ambervd.veen created a DIY loft bed using IKEA Kallax shelves as the base, providing plenty of storage. She also added a pull-out drawer in the middle, cleverly disguised as a mini wardrobe with hanging space.

Compact DIY Loft Bed

For small bedrooms with low ceilings, a shorter loft bed might be the solution. Jindra Sykora’s DIY queen-size bed accommodates two people, with ample space underneath for large, accessible dressers.

Mezzanine Loft Bedroom

In tight spaces, a mezzanine floor loft bedroom can be the perfect solution. This tiny apartment from Fantastic Frank features a loft bedroom above the living area, created with a wooden floor base and safety rails.

Platform Loft Bed for Low Ceilings

Even with low ceilings, loft beds are possible. Neal’s Hearth created a DIY loft bed using three IKEA Kura beds and birch plywood. This setup provides open and closed storage underneath, with dressers and hanging space.

Suspended Loft Bed

In a one-room studio, you can place a loft bed wherever it fits best. This loft bed from Historiska Hem is discreetly positioned above the kitchen, supported by a strong platform suspended from the ceiling with steel cables.

Simple Wooden Loft Bed

For very limited space, a simple loft bed with a desk and wardrobe underneath might be the answer. @kisyuunomori attached a thick wood sheet to the wall for the base, with wooden slats and metal brackets forming the guard rail.

Spacious Loft Bed

Tinalebat’s spacious loft bed is ideal for a small guest room, providing a living area underneath for guests to relax. The platform is larger than the mattress, creating a more open feel.

Minimalist White Loft Bed

In a long, narrow room, loft beds are incredibly effective. This tiny apartment from Fantastic Frank places the loft bed above the kitchen, with storage cabinet steps matching the kitchen design. A false ceiling creates the loft space.

Ready to maximize your space with a loft bed? Choose a design that suits your needs and start transforming your small room today!