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35 Genius DIY Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Ready to give your bathroom a fresh, stylish makeover? Your vanity can be the game-changer. A revamped vanity not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also boosts storage, keeping your space organized and chic.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, you’ll find projects that fit your skill level and style preference. Let’s dive in!

Upgrade Your Vanity with Cane Inserts

Beginner DIY’ers will love this project. Add cane webbing to your vanity doors for a minimal-effort transformation that dramatically changes the look.

DIY Vanity Upgrade from Inspired DIY Living

Transform Your Bathroom Vanity with Paint

Want to add a splash of color to your bathroom? Transform your existing vanity with bold dark paint and gold handles. This simple makeover can dramatically change the feel of your bathroom, leaving everyone amazed at the transformation.

How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity from Craving Some Creativity

Repurpose a Vintage Dresser into a Vanity

Looking for a cozy, vintage vibe? Repurpose an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also provides ample storage for towels and other essentials.

Vintage Dresser to Bathroom Vanity from At Charlotte’s House

Create a Compact Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

In a small bathroom, a compact vanity is essential. This DIY project is perfect for tight spaces, offering both style and functionality with added storage below.

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity from Chatfield Court

Upgrade to a Double Sink Vanity

Upgrade your single-sink vanity to a double-sink setup with just a few tools and some paint. This makeover will make your bathroom a more enjoyable space to spend time in.

Two Sink Vanity Makeover from Lantern Lane Designs

Completely Transform Your Bathroom Vanity

With some lumber and paint, you can transform your vanity into a showpiece that looks like it belongs in a high-end catalog. This project is a must-see for DIY enthusiasts.

Bathroom Vanity Makeover from Tylnn M

Convert a Vintage Buffet into a Bathroom Vanity

Turn a vintage buffet into a stunning bathroom vanity with a neutral farmhouse style. This piece provides plenty of storage for your linens and adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Vintage Buffet Bathroom Vanity from Making It In the Mountains

Design a Vanity with High-End Accessories

Create a luxurious DIY vanity with plywood, trim, and high-end accessories. The final result is both unique and stylish, perfect for a sophisticated bathroom look.

Bathroom Vanity with Anthropologie Accessories from Jeweled Interiors

Use Gel Stain for an Easy Vanity Update

Skip the sanding and stripping! Use gel stain to update your wooden vanity with minimal effort. This easy project is ideal for beginners looking for a quick refresh.

Gel Stained Bathroom Vanity from Anika’s DIY Life

Build a Vanity with Front Cabinet Storage

Build a beautiful vanity from plywood and pine, complete with closed and open storage. Follow the written instructions and accompanying video to guide you through the process.

Bathroom Vanity with Front Cabinet from Angela Marie Made

Transform Furniture into a Bathroom Vanity

Transform a vintage nightstand into a stylish bathroom vanity with some glue, stain, and a vessel sink. Elevate the piece with a built base for a perfect fit.

Repurposed Furniture as a DIY Bathroom Vanity from At Home with Ashley

Transition to a Double Sink Vanity

Considering upgrading to a double sink? Replace your old vanity with a pre-built one for a seamless transition, offering more convenience and a modern look.

Single Sink to Double Sink Vanity from Remodelaholic

Install a Copper Sink in Your Vanity

Upcycle a piece of furniture into a vanity that holds a stunning copper sink. A video tutorial walks you through the entire process, ensuring a perfect result.

Copper Sink Bathroom Vanity from 700 N Cottage

Build a Custom Double Bathroom Vanity

Customize your bathroom vanity to your preferred height for comfort and functionality. This double-sink vanity offers extensive storage with both drawers and cabinets.

Double Bathroom Vanity from Addicted 2 DIY

Create a Budget-Friendly Bathroom Vanity

Build a budget-friendly bathroom vanity for just $65. This compact design is perfect for small spaces, offering practical storage solutions without breaking the bank.

$65 DIY Bathroom Vanity from Angela Marie Made

Convert a Nightstand into a Bathroom Vanity

Elevate a nightstand to counter height and transform it into a unique bathroom vanity. Starting with a beautiful piece of furniture is key to this stunning makeover.

Nightstand Turned Bathroom Vanity from Southern Revivals

Craft a Custom Vanity with DIY Plans

Build a custom vanity tailored to your bathroom’s style. This project involves power tools and results in a gorgeous vanity with dark green paint and copper handles.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Plans from Pine + Poplar

Turn a Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity

Repurpose a dining room buffet dresser into a distinctive bathroom vanity. This unique look sets your bathroom apart, adding character and charm.

Bathroom Vanity from a Dresser from Postcards from the Ridge

Hack an IKEA Sink for a New Vanity

Hack an IKEA sink to create a new base that offers storage for towels. The faux drawers cover plumbing, adding functionality and style to small bathrooms.

IKEA Sink Small Vanity from Remodelaholic

Refresh Your Vanity with Paint

Update your vanity with just primer, paint, and new hardware. This simple change makes a significant impact, perfect for those wanting a quick and easy refresh.

Painted Bathroom Vanity from Life on Shady Lane

Build a Vanity Around a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are great for small bathrooms but lack storage. Build a vanity around the sink to provide guests with extra storage for toiletries.

How to Build a Vanity for a Pedestal Sink from Charleston Crafted

Give Your Vanity a Stylish Makeover

Give your vanity a new look with a fresh coat of paint and updated hardware. These small changes can revitalize your bathroom’s appearance.

Bathroom Vanity Makeover from Holly Grace

Create a Modern Farmhouse Vanity

Build a vanity that fits your modern farmhouse bathroom perfectly. The hardware-free look adds a modern touch, blending style with functionality.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity from Addicted 2 DIY

Elevate a Builder-Grade Vanity

Raise a builder-grade vanity to create a floating effect. This easy makeover method instantly modernizes your bathroom.

Builder Grade to Floating Vanity from Centsational Style

Build a Simple Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Build a simple yet functional rustic vanity with hidden storage for plumbing and open storage for towels. This piece has everything you need for a charming bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity from Avanti Morocha