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10 Easy DIY Privacy Screens for Instant Outdoor Seclusion

These DIY privacy screens offer versatile solutions for enhancing privacy both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re looking to screen off a deck, porch, yard, or even a window, these projects are perfect for creating secluded spaces.

Not only do these screens provide privacy, but they also serve to hide unsightly items like trash cans, recycling bins, air conditioners, or any other areas you might want to conceal. They can even help provide backyard shade.

All of these projects are beginner-friendly and budget-conscious. You’ll gain new skills without spending a lot, resulting in a project you’ll be proud to display.

1. Outdoor Privacy Curtains

For a quick and easy privacy solution, consider outdoor curtains. Simply build a frame, attach a curtain rod, and hang pre-made outdoor curtains. This project can be completed in an afternoon, creating a private and stylish space for you to enjoy.

Outdoor Privacy Curtains from Southern State of Mind

2. Decorative Metal Panel Screen

If you want something more than a plain wooden screen, try incorporating decorative metal panels within a wooden frame. This unique design not only adds a touch of elegance but also effectively ensures privacy.

Decorative Metal Panel Screen from From House to Home

3. Trellis Privacy Screen

Create an outdoor privacy screen using lattice and cedar boards to form a trellis. This is perfect for adding seclusion or hiding unattractive areas in your yard, and it can also support climbing plants like vines or roses.

Trellis Privacy Screen from Practically Functional

4. Simple Porch Privacy Screen

Enhance your porch with a simple wooden privacy screen. Add plant holders to the inside of the screen for a touch of greenery, creating a relaxing and private area for your patio furniture.

Simple Porch Privacy Screen from Crafted by the Hunts

5. DIY Barn-Style Window Screens

For an indoor privacy solution with a farmhouse or cottage feel, consider DIY wooden gate-style window screens. These screens are an excellent alternative to curtains, providing privacy for front windows with a rustic charm.

DIY Barn-Style Window Window Privacy Screens from Funky Junk Interiors

6. Budget-Friendly Privacy Screen

This budget-friendly project shows you how to create a privacy screen for less than $100. It involves erecting posts, staining them, making curtains from drop cloths, and hanging the curtains to achieve a professional-looking result.

Budget Friendly Privacy Screen from Thrifty & Chic

7. Stylish Trash Can Screen

Hide your trash cans stylishly with a DIY privacy wall made from lattice. Build a base and frame, then attach the lattice board. Customize the size to fit your needs and finish with paint or stain for a polished look.

Stylish Trash Can Screen from Charleston Crafted

8. Garbage Bin Privacy Screen

This screen is perfect for concealing unsightly trash cans, recycling bins, or even a compost bin. With a modern aesthetic achieved through black paint and dark stain, it’s a straightforward project using just three sizes of wood boards.

Garbage Bin Privacy Screen from Homemade by Carmona

9. Privacy Screen with Fabric

For a single-window privacy solution, build a frame and cover it with fabric. This easy DIY project allows for customization—stencil your own fabric or choose a favorite print to create a personalized look.

Privacy Screen with Fabric from Thrift Diving

10. Shutter-Style Deck Screen

Constructed mainly from fence boards, this shutter-like screen provides privacy for your deck. It’s a budget-friendly project that adds a beachy feel, enhancing your yard’s ambiance from both inside and out.

Shutter-Style Deck Screen from Neli Design