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100 DIY Home Projects

If your home feels a bit dreary or lacks that cozy touch, an easy way to enhance it is by tackling some DIY projects. From plant holders and coffee tables to curtains and organizing hacks, these DIY ideas will make your home feel even homier.

Patterned Vase

Brighten your desk with a handmade patterned vase for your flowers.

DIY Patterned Vase Tutorial from Make And Tell

Modern House Number Planter

Enhance curb appeal with a modern house number planter.

DIY Modern House Number Planter Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Modern Baby Mobile

Complete your child’s nursery with a DIY modern mobile.

DIY Modern Baby Mobile Tutorial from Earnest Home Co.

Lightbox Headboard

Create a fun lightbox headboard to display custom messages.

DIY Lightbox Headboard Tutorial from Poppytalk

Tissue Paper Covered Pots

Decorate pots with multicolored tissue paper for a vibrant look.

DIY Tissue Paper Covered Pots Tutorial from Tell Love And Party

Ombre Stairs

Transform your staircase with a gradual ombre design.

DIY Ombre Stairs Tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life

Wood Shoe Rack

Build a stylish shoe rack to keep your footwear organized.

DIY Wood Shoe Rack Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

Faux Fur Office Chair Makeover

Update your office chair with a faux fur cover for a fresh look.

DIY Faux Fur Office Chair Makeover Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Clothing Drying Rack

Save on electricity by drying clothes on a handmade drying rack.

DIY Clothing Drying Rack Tutorial from The Merrythought

Faux Metal Letters

Create affordable wall decor with DIY faux metal letters.

DIY Faux Metal Letters Tutorial from Grillo Designs

Outdoor Wood Bench

Add seating to your backyard or porch with a modern wood bench.

DIY Outdoor Wood Bench Tutorial from DIY Candy

Herb Garden

Always have fresh herbs with a DIY kitchen herb garden made from recycled materials.

DIY Herb Garden Tutorial from Ohoh Deco

DIY Retro Sideboard

Hack an Ikea cupboard into a stylish sideboard for extra storage.

DIY Retro Sideboard Tutorial from Sugar & Cloth

Gem Mirror

Learn to cut glass and make a unique gem-inspired mirror.

DIY Gem Mirror Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Plywood Daybed

Build a budget-friendly daybed from plywood for extra seating or a guest bed.

DIY Plywood Daybed Tutorial from The Merrythought

Feather Pendant

Create a cloud-like pendant with fluffy white feathers for a dreamy decor piece.

DIY Feather Pendant Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Gold Trimmed Storage Boxes

Keep your home organized with beautiful storage boxes featuring gold trim.

DIY Gold Trimmed Storage Boxes from I Heart Organizing

Barn Door Headboard

Add rustic charm to your bedroom with a dramatic barn door headboard.

DIY Barn Door Headboard from Taryn Whiteaker

Door Molding

Enhance interior doors with molding and paint for a stylish update.

DIY Door Molding Tutorial from Damask Love

Color Dipped Clothes Hamper

Store dirty laundry in a colorful DIY painted hamper.

DIY Color Dipped Clothes Hamper Tutorial from Lovely Indeed

Faux Fireplace Wood Stack

Add charm to a non-functional fireplace with a faux wood stack.

DIY Faux Fireplace Wood Stack Tutorial from The Decor Fix

Tree Slice Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Create a chic coffee table using a tree slice and hairpin legs, perfect for your living room.

DIY Tree Slice Hairpin Leg Coffee Table Tutorial from Burkatron

Marbled Leather Coasters

Protect your table with stylish marbled leather coasters to prevent ring marks.

DIY Marbled Leather Coasters Tutorial from Homey Oh My

Copper and Marble Serving Tray

Serve snacks at your next party with a chic marble tray featuring copper handles.

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DIY Copper and Marble Serving Tray Tutorial from DIY In PDX

Under-Sofa Storage

Maximize space with a storage bin on wheels for blankets, magazines, and remotes.

DIY Under Sofa Storage from Passion Shake

Copper and Wood Wall Hooks

Add extra storage space with copper and wood wall hooks, ideal for coats and hats.

DIY Under Sofa Storage from Passion Shake

Painted Typography Doormat

Welcome guests with a cute, custom-made doormat.

DIY Doormat from The Spruce

Reclaimed Wood Table

Build a stunning table from reclaimed wood for a budget-friendly furniture piece.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Table Tutorial from The Merrythought

Letter Board

Create a trendy letter board for personalized messages.

DIY Letter Board Tutorial from Five Marigolds

Neon Sign

Make a custom neon sign to light up your room.

DIY Neon Sign Tutorial from Persia Lou

Cat House

Build a cozy house for your cat with a soft bed inside.

DIY Cat House Tutorial from Burkatron

Rolling Kitchen Island

Add movable counter space with a rolling kitchen island.

DIY Rolling Kitchen Island Tutorial from Club Crafted

Ikea Hack Side Table

Transform an Ikea shelf into a versatile side table.

DIY Ikea Hack Side Table Tutorial from Sugar & Cloth

Live Edge Walnut Bench

DIY a live edge walnut bench for a stylish seating solution.

DIY Live Edge Walnut Bench Tutorial from Francois et Moi

Stacked Plywood Bench

Cut plywood into strips to create a unique stacked bench.

DIY Stacked Plywood Bench Tutorial from Vintage Revivals

Plywood Waterfall Countertop

Add counter space with a plywood waterfall countertop for an affordable update.

DIY Plywood Waterfall Countertop Tutorial from Vintage Revivals

Lucite Towel Bar

Hang towels on a trendy DIY lucite towel bar.

DIY Lucite Towel Bar Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Faux Marble Table Top

Update an old table with marble contact paper for a high-end look.

DIY Faux Marble Table Top Tutorial from Poppytalk

Typography Doormat

Make a fun doormat with a custom message to welcome guests.

DIY Typography Doormat from Proper

Streamlined Coat Rack

Build a space-saving coat rack for a small entryway.

DIY Streamlined Coat Rack Tutorial from Ohoh Deco

Wood Side Table

Repurpose a cutting board into a stylish side table or plant stand.

DIY Wood Side Table Tutorial from Enthralling Gumption

Porch Swing

Convert an old crib into a charming porch swing.

DIY Porch Swing Tutorial from Lolly Jane

Copper Cabana

Transform your backyard into a tropical retreat with a DIY cabana.

DIY Copper Cabana Tutorial from Homemade By Carmona

Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Assemble a table lamp from wooden dowels and a lampshade for a modern touch.

DIY Mid Century Modern Lamp Tutorial from Passion Shake

Faux Marble Lamp

Give a lamp a marble finish with contact paper for a quick update.

DIY Faux Marble Lamp Tutorial from Homey Oh My

Toilet Paper Storage

Always have extra toilet paper on hand with a stylish DIY storage solution.

DIY Toilet Paper Storage Tutorial from Design Improvised

Woven Veneer Lamp

Create a pendant lamp from strips of wood veneer for a unique light fixture.

DIY Woven Veneer Lamp Tutorial from Poppytalk

Mini Mod Planter

Stick two white bowls together to make a mini planter for small plants.

DIY Mini Mod Planter Tutorial from Francois et Moi

Circle Frame Art

Recreate tropical-themed art with a quick DIY circle frame project.

DIY Circle Frame Art Tutorial from Maritza Lisa

Fabric Rug

Make a custom rug from fabric to get the exact pattern you want.

DIY Fabric Rug Tutorial ​from Damask Love

Patio Chairs Makeover

Refresh worn patio chairs with a new coat of paint.

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DIY Patio Chairs Makeover Tutorial from Sarah Hearts


Make floor-length curtains from your favorite fabric for a custom look.

DIY Curtains Tutorial from Delia Creates

Slatted Headboard

Build a stylish slatted headboard for your bed with this easy project.

DIY Slatted Headboard Tutorial from Vintage Revivals

Painted Patio

Transform your patio with a painted tile pattern for a fresh look.

DIY Painted Patio Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Fluted Wall Mirror

Carve a foam sheet to create a fluted frame for a round mirror.

Copper Pipe Magazine Rack

Keep magazines organized with a DIY copper pipe rack.

DIY Copper Pipe Magazine Rack Tutorial from Fall For DIY

Drawer Organizer

Make a wooden drawer organizer to fit your kitchen drawers perfectly.

DIY Drawer Organizer Tutorial from Build Basic

Leather Strap Hanging Shelf

Create a stylish and practical leather strap shelf.

DIY Leather Strap Hanging Shelf Tutorial from Burkatron

Folded Lampshade

Make a modern lampshade from a large sheet of paper with this DIY project.

DIY Folded Lampshade Tutorial from Ohoh Deco

Mid-Century Day Bed

Build a handmade day bed for extra seating or guest accommodation.

DIY Mid-Century Day Bed Tutorial from Sugar & Cloth

Built-In Closet Shelving

Maximize closet space with DIY built-in shelving.

DIY Built-In Closet Shelving Tutorial from Build Basic

Floating Nightstand

Create a floating nightstand for small bedrooms to store essentials.

DIY Floating Nightstand Tutorial from The Merrythought

Litter Box Cover

Hide your cat’s litter box with a decorative cover.

DIY Litter Box Cover Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Brass Headboard

Cover your headboard with vinyl for a metallic finish.

DIY Brass Headboard Tutorial from Sugar & Cloth

Modern Key Holder

Make a modern key holder to keep track of your keys.

DIY Modern Key Holder Tutorial from Francois et Moi

Lucite Bathtub Caddy

Create a perfect spot for books or candles with a DIY lucite bathtub caddy.

DIY Lucite Bathtub Caddy Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Plywood Storage Coffee Table

Add storage to your living room with a plywood coffee table.

DIY Plywood Storage Coffee Table Tutorial from Idle Hands Awake

Copper Wine Rack

Store wine bottles on a modern copper and leather rack.

DIY Copper Wine Rack Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

Front Porch Bench

Make a West Elm-inspired bench for your front porch.

DIY Front Porch Bench Tutorial from Homemade By Carmona

Outdoor Serving Station

Build an outdoor serving station that can be closed and hung against the wall.

DIY Outdoor Serving Station Tutorial from Live Laugh Rowe

Ombre Tree Stump Side Table

Create a tree stump side table with a beautiful ombre design.

DIY Ombre Tree Stump Side Table Tutorial from Sugar & Cloth

Sofa Armrest Table

Make a table to fit on your sofa’s armrest for convenience.

DIY Sofa Armrest Table Tutorial from Ugly Duckling House

Wallpapered Stairs

Update your stairs with removable wallpaper for a personalized touch.

DIY Wallpapered Stairs Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Wall-Mounted Coat Rack and Mail Slot

Keep your home organized from the moment you arrive home by giving your family somewhere to hang their coats and store the mail with a wall-mounted rack.

DIY Wall Mounted Coat Rack and Mail Slot Tutorial from Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Spice Drawer Organizer

Quickly find the spice you are looking for while cooking by making an organizer for your spice drawer in your kitchen.

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DIY Spice Drawer Organizer Tutorial from Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Toilet Paper Holder

Ditch the standard toilet paper holder and DIY something chicer for your bathroom instead.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Tutorial from Design Love Fest

Floral Curtains

Bring in the flowers to your home with some cheerful DIY floral curtains that you are sure to adore.

DIY Floral Curtains Tutorial from Design Love Fest

Yarn Wrapped Lampshade

Wrap one of your old lampshades with yarn to give it a fresh look with this simple DIY project.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Lampshade Tutorial from Design Love Fest

Cedar Bath Mat

Give a spa-like feel to your bathroom with a luxurious DIY cedar bath mat.

DIY Cedar Bath Mat Tutorial from The Merrythought

Ikea’s Svalbo Table Hack

Make the perfect side table for your front hallways with this clever hack for your Ikea Svalbo table.

DIY Ikea’s Svalbo Table Hack Tutorial from The Sweet Beast

Floating Credenza

Instead of a traditional credenza DIY a floating one to store all your extra dishes using Ikea cabinets.

DIY Floating Credenza tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect

Modern Pet Bowl Stand

Raise your cat or dog bowls off the floor so it is easier for them to eat their food with this modern DIY bowl stand.

DIY Modern Pet Bowl Stand Tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect

Pom Pom Blanket

Update one of your old blankets by adding cute DIY pom poms around the edge.

DIY Pom Pom Blanket Tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect

Recyled Tire Coffee Table

Recycle an old tire by turning it into a coffee table perfect for your patio.

DIY Recycled Tire Coffee Table Tutorial from Persia Lou

Gold Cactus Wallpaper

Skip the hassle of hanging wallpaper and draw on your walls to give the look of a wallpaper with a gold leaf pen.

DIY gold Cactus Wallpaper Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Dip Dye Pillow

Use some acrylic paint and a paintbrush to paint a dip-dye design on a pillow with this DIY project.

DIY Dip Dye Pillow Tutorial from Homey Oh My

Painted Vinyl Chair

Hate the color of one of your old vinyl chairs? Learn how to change the chair’s color with paint with this clever DIY.

DIY Painted Vinyl Chair Tutorial from We Can Make Anything

Lampshade Makeover

Wrap thin strips of vinyl in any color around your lampshade to give it a striped finish.

DIY Lampshade Makeover Tutorial from Delia Creates

Patio Umbrella Base

Keep your patio table umbrella from falling down by making a base out of a pot and rocks to hold it upright.

DIY Patio Umbrella Base Tutorial from Delia Creates

Leaf Doormat

Go tropical with a bright and cheerful doormat that would be perfect for your front door!

DIY Leaf Doormat Tutorial from Enthralling Gumption

Donut Stools

Have tons of extra seating available for the next time you have a party by making some fun donut stools for everyone to sit on.

DIY Donut Stools Tutorial from Studio DIY