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Discord “Chilling TBH”

In this guide, you’ll explore the ins and outs of Discord’s “Chilling tbh” feature and how to navigate and control this addition to your Discord experience.

“Chilling TBH” On Discord

Discord hosts various servers, channels, and voice chats for communication.

“Chilling tbh” is a phrase and icon that denotes relaxation and authenticity. It is a temporary status indicator, that automatically reflects your current activity.

How to Customize And Control This Feature?

While Discord offers a space to unwind and connect with friends, controlling Chilling tbhisn’t in your hands.

Here’s what you need to know to set your status to “chilling tbh” on Discord.

  • Launch Discord and tap your Profile.
  • Click on Add Status.
  • Type Chilling tbh and set a timeframe or choose Do not clear.
  • Save your settings.

Impacts And Perception On “Chilling TBH”

The “Chilling tbh” feature carries different meanings for viewers and streamers.

  • For Viewers: It’s a fun peek into your mood, adding personality to your stream.
  • For Streamers: While it injects humour, some might find it intrusive.

Turn Off Discord “Chilling TBH”

If “Chilling tbh” isn’t your vibe, here’s how to turn it off.

  • Set a custom activity to a (.) period and save.
  • Click the no symbol next to your name in voice chat.
  • Change your custom status to something else and set a timeframe or Do not clear.

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