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30 DIY Shelves

Looking to add extra wall storage without breaking the bank? Consider DIY shelves. By making your own wall shelves from affordable or upcycled materials, you can save money and add a personal touch to your decor.

Here are 30 ideas for DIY shelves of varying sizes and styles, made with simple, inexpensive, or upcycled materials.

Pre-Stained Wood Shelves

Display geometric dark wood honeycomb shelves inspired by midcentury modern design.

DIY Towel Shelf

Keep your bathroom tidy with a wall shelf that stores extra towels and decorative objects.

Rope Shelf

Fashion shelves from rope and wood for an easy and inexpensive project.

DIY Fruit Basket Shelves

Use vertical wall space to store fruit and veggies with shelves made from stacked baskets.

Driftwood Shelf

Create rustic shelves from salvaged driftwood, perfect for a lakeside cabin.

DIY Pipe Shelf

Build industrial-style shelving from black industrial pipes and stained pine boards.

DIY Bathroom Shelves

Replace a dated medicine cabinet with simple wood shelves for a warm and modern bathroom update.

DIY Belt Shelf

Transform a wooden board and an old suede or leather belt into a chic shelf. This budget-friendly project uses an Ivar shelf from IKEA, which costs less than $5.

DIY Cheese Box Shelves

Repurpose a discarded cheese box into a stylish round shelf. Check local gourmet stores for similar boxes they might discard.

Plywood Floating Shelves

Keep your small items organized with custom plywood floating shelves. Perfect for displaying collections like essential oils.

Dresser Drawer Shelves

Convert unused dresser drawers into adorable wall shelves. Attach them to wall studs using fasteners.

Wood Tray Shelf

Cut a wooden tray in half and join the pieces to create a long, narrow shelf. Attach it to the wall for a smart storage solution.

Craft Box Shelves

Customize paper mâché boxes with gold spray paint and scrapbook paper for a stunning shelving display.

DIY Wall Planter Shelf

Create a vertical garden with a wooden box planter. This quick project adds a vibrant focal point to any room.

DIY Peg Rail Shelf

Build a timeless peg rail shelf to house mugs, kitchen towels, and more, keeping everyday items visible and accessible.

Pallet Wood Window Shelves

Install weathered pallet wood shelving in windowsills for a rustic, cottage-style look.

Paper Mâché Magazine Shelf

Turn 80 National Geographic magazines into a unique shelf using a paper mâché technique.

DIY Stretched Canvas Shelf

Repurpose a stretched art canvas into a narrow shelf for displaying lightweight objects.

Floating Corner Shelves

Maximize unused corners with floating L-shaped shelves, perfect for storage or display.

Wood Slat Entryway Shelf

Add storage to your entryway with a minimalist wall shelf made from light wood slats.

House-Shaped Shelf

Organize your mugs with a DIY house-shaped shelf that adds a homey touch to your walls.

Wood Circle Shelf

Attach a small scrapwood shelf to a wood round for a quick DIY project that showcases succulents or candles.

Skateboard Shelves

Repurpose skateboards into eclectic shelves for a fun and unique look.

DIY Triangle Shelves

Create dynamic decor with wooden triangle shelves that can be hung right side up or upside down.

Marble and Brass Shelving

Achieve a high-end look with marble tiles attached to wood boards and spray-painted brackets.

Mini Photo and Plant Shelf

Make a small shelf with room for photos and a mini planter for a minimalist decor touch.

DIY Acrylic Wall Shelves

Add acrylic sides to laminate shelves for a chic and modern look.

Floating Baby Bookshelves

Install floating shelves in a nursery to display book covers and entice little readers.

Vintage Wall Crate Shelves

Hang vintage crates on the wall for practical and homey storage.

Extra Long DIY Shelf

Add a custom wall-to-wall shelf to your laundry room or basement kitchenette for extra storage and display space.