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35 DIY Bathroom Ideas

Transform your bathroom with these inspiring DIY ideas that range from simple additions to complete makeovers.

Perfect for beginners, these projects allow you to customize colors and sizes to fit your unique space, ensuring a personal touch that enhances your bathroom’s charm.

Dive into these 35 DIY bathroom ideas to spark your creativity.

Makeup Organizer

Combine leather lace and copper tumblers to create a chic makeup organizer. Hang it on the wall for easy access and a stylish display.

Leather and Copper Makeup Organizer from A Beautiful Mess

Wood Branch Shelf and Toilet Paper Holder

Combine functionality and rustic charm with a reclaimed wood shelf and toilet paper holder. Add unique hardware for a farmhouse feel.

Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf and Toilet Paper Holder from Funky Junk Interiors

Magazine Rack

Keep reading material handy with a wall-mounted magazine rack. This space-saving solution fits neatly beside the toilet.

Bathroom Magazine Rack from Four Generations One Roof

Bathroom Sign

Craft an industrial farmhouse sign with a simple message. Use wood, metal letters, and a bit of paint for a charming addition.

Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign from Cherished Bliss

Fish Wall Decor

Create whimsical wall art with fish templates and paint. This project adds a playful touch to your bathroom decor.

School of Fish Wall Decor from H20 Bungalow

Wicker Basket

Give a wicker basket a new look with paint and beads. Use it for stylish storage of toilet paper or other bathroom essentials.

Painted Wicker Basket from Girl, Just DIY!

Bathroom Light Makeover

Revamp a light fixture with spray paint. This quick and easy project updates your bathroom’s lighting with a fresh new color.

Painted Bathroom Light Makeover from Girl, Just DIY!

Castile Hand Soap

Make your own organic Castile soap with essential oils. Printable labels add a professional touch to these pampering soaps.

Organic Castile Hand Soap from Lia Griffith

Bathroom Shelving

Install rustic shelves for additional storage and display space. Stained wood and black brackets create a versatile look.

Rustic Bathroom Shelving from Taryn Whiteaker

Crocheted Washcloth

Crochet washcloths using the lemon peel stitch. These color-blocked cloths add a handmade touch to your bathroom.

Crocheted Washcloth from Persia Lou

Mason Jar Organizer

Attach mason jars to a board for a convenient organizer. Use them for makeup brushes, cotton balls, or decorative items.

Mason Jar Organizer from The DIY Playbook

Butcher Block Vanity

Build a custom vanity with a butcher block top. This project requires some woodworking skills but results in a stunning and functional piece.

Butcher Block Vanity from Beneath My Heart

Hair Accessories Organizer

Tame clutter with a stylish organizer for hair accessories. Use wicker rounds and fabric to create a pretty and practical storage solution.

Hair Accessories Organizer from A Beautiful Mess

Farmhouse Bathroom Stool

Give a wooden stool a farmhouse makeover with paint and stencils. Choose colors that complement your bathroom’s decor.

Upcycled Farmhouse Bathroom Stool from Raggedy Bits

Nautical Towel Holder

Add a nautical touch with a rope towel holder. Hardware store cleats and rope make this project easy and affordable.

Nautical Towel Holder from H20 Bungalow

Silly Bathroom Sign

Use a Cricut Maker to create a playful bathroom sign. Vinyl lettering on scrap wood adds humor and charm to your space.

Silly Bathroom Sign from Sustain My Craft Habit

Farmhouse Bathroom Labels

Organize with style using farmhouse labels on glass bottles. This simple DIY keeps essentials tidy and visually appealing.

Farmhouse Bathroom Labels from Raggedy Bits

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

Combine function and style with a toilet paper holder shelf. Use scrap wood to build a shelf that adds storage and elegance.

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf from DIY Show Off

Bathtub Tray

Relax in style with a custom bathtub tray. Measure your tub and cut a piece of reclaimed wood to fit. Add some finishing touches, and you’ll have a beautiful and functional bath tray.

Bathtub Tray from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

DIY Bathroom Rug

Create a soft, personalized bath mat using a sheet and a towel. Customize the size and color to match your bathroom decor, and enjoy the comfort underfoot.

DIY Bathroom Rug from Somewhat Simple Living

Reclaimed Wood and Pipe Shelves

Add storage and style with industrial-inspired shelving made from pipes and reclaimed wood. Perfect for holding essentials and decorative items.

Reclaimed Wood and Pipe Bathroom Shelves from Remodelaholic

Footed Vanity Tray

Craft a chic vanity tray in under an hour. Glue and paint a few simple pieces to create a stylish spot for your beauty products and accessories.

Footed Vanity Tray from Homey Oh My

Mason Jar Organizer

Organize your bathroom essentials with painted mason jars. This quick project lets you match the jars to your bathroom’s color scheme.

Painted Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer from A Cultivated Nest

Wash Your Hands Sign

Create a fun and functional bathroom sign with a catchy quote. Use vinyl and an electronic cutting machine for precise and professional results.

Wash Your Hands Sign from That’s What Che Said

Wine Cork Bath Mat

Repurpose wine corks into a unique and comfortable bath mat. Glue the corks to a base, let it dry, and enjoy the cushioned feel.

Wine Cork Bath Mat from Sustain My Craft Habit

Bathroom Mirror Frame

Transform a plain mirror with a custom wood frame. Measure, cut, and attach the frame for an upgraded look that adds warmth and style.

Bathroom Mirror Frame from Cherished Bliss

Wood Dowel Toilet Paper Holder

Upgrade your toilet paper holder with a simple wood dowel. Attach it to the wall for a sleek and functional addition.

Wood Dowel Toilet Paper Holder from The Merrythought

Rustic Wood Valance

Add a farmhouse touch with a rustic wood valance above your shower. Complete the look with matching towel ladders and bath caddies.

Rustic Wood Valance from Jenna Sue Design Co.

Toilet Paper Storage

Store toilet paper stylishly with a glass vase and copper tape. This simple DIY adds elegance to a practical necessity.

Toilet Paper Storage from Design Improvised

Budget Bathroom Art

Transform your bathroom with budget-friendly art. Use thrifted frames and free prints to create unique pieces that enhance your space.

Budget Bathroom Art from Homemade by Carmona

IKEA Vanity Hack

Create a custom vanity with two IKEA Eket cabinets. Add a stained wood top and personalized hardware for a high-end look at a fraction of the cost.

IKEA Vanity Hack from Sugar & Cloth

Peg Towel Rack

Build a customizable towel rack with wooden pegs. Choose your stain and peg configuration to suit your bathroom’s needs.

Peg Towel Rack from The Merrythought

Painted Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Update a laminate vanity top with a painted finish. This tutorial shows you how to achieve a marble or white look for a sophisticated upgrade.

Painted Bathroom Vanity Countertop from A Piece of Rainbow

Gold Sink Legs

Add glamour to your bathroom with gold sink legs. Replace standard plumbing with spray-painted copper tubing for a luxurious touch.

Gold Sink Legs from Lovely Indeed

Pretty Shampoo Bottles

Create a cohesive look in your shower with matching shampoo bottles. Add bold labels for a stylish and organized appearance.

Pretty Shampoo Bottles from Almost Makes Perfect

These 35 DIY projects offer endless possibilities to enhance your bathroom’s look and functionality. Whether you’re adding small touches or undertaking larger projects, these ideas will inspire you to create a space that’s uniquely yours.