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50 DIY Ideas For The Living Room

The living room is one of the busiest spots in your home. It’s where you watch TV, chill with family, and entertain guests. You want it to be both comfy and stylish, right? Well, you can achieve that without breaking the bank with these 48 DIY projects. Let’s dive in!

DIY Paint Splattered Mirror Wall Art

Cluster together several painted mirrors to add color to your living room. A Beautiful Mess shows you how.

DIY Paint Splattered Mirror Wall Art from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Television Console

Modernize your old television console with a fresh coat of paint. It’s an affordable way to make a big impact. Follow The Desi Wonder Woman for tips.

DIY Television Console from The Desi Wonder Woman

DIY Bar Cart

Bar carts are super trendy. Make your own to keep all your cocktail essentials ready for your next gathering. Fish and Bull shows you how.

DIY Bar Cart from Fish and Bull

DIY Stylish Record Player

Give your record player a bold new look with patterned wrapping paper and colored vinyl. Lovely Indeed has a fun DIY for this.

DIY Stylish Record Player from Lovely Indeed

DIY Vintage Fur Ottoman

Turn a large cable spool and a second-hand fur coat into a comfy ottoman. DIY Passion shows you how.

DIY Vintage Fur Ottoman from DIY Passion

DIY Wood Side Table

Convert an Ikea chopping board into a stylish side table. Enthralling Gumption has the guide for this simple project.

DIY Wood Side Table from Enthralling Gumption

DIY Vinyl Record Storage

Display your vinyl collection with a custom DIY rack that holds up to 25 records. Burkatron shows you how.

DIY Vinyl Record Storage from Burkatron

DIY Crocheted Foot Rest

After a long day, put your feet up on a cozy crochet footrest. Delia Creates has a great DIY for this.

DIY Crocheted Foot Rest from Delia Creates

DIY Floor Pouf

Need extra seating? Make a floor pouf that can also double as a footrest. A Beautiful Mess has the instructions.

DIY Floor Pouf from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Metallic Wall Sconce

Add more light to your living room with a metallic wall sconce. Sugar and Cloth has the details.

DIY Metallic Wall Sconce from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Plywood Daybed

Build a simple plywood daybed that can be used as a couch or a guest bed. The Merrythought shows you how.

DIY Plywood Daybed from The Merrythought 

DIY Storage Sofa

Perfect for small apartments, this sofa has built-in storage. Ana White has the plans for this space-saving project.

DIY Storage Sofa from Ana White

DIY Modern Plant Stands

Raise your potted plants with modern plant stands. A Beautiful Mess has a guide to making these.

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DIY Modern Plant Stands from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Leaf Art

For a budget-friendly art piece, frame a giant tropical leaf. Monsters Circus has a creative guide for this.

DIY Leaf Art from Monsters Circus

DIY Hanging Planter

Add some greenery to your home by hanging a planter from the ceiling. A Bubbly Life has a simple tutorial.

DIY Hanging Planter from A Bubbly Life

DIY Tassel Blanket

Keep cozy with a handmade tassel blanket, perfect for Netflix nights. Tell Love and Party has a fun DIY for this.

DIY Tassel Blanket from Tell Love and Party

DIY Color Blocked Pillow

Add some color to your couch with color-blocked pillows. Paper & Stitch has the guide.

DIY Color Blocked Pillow from Paper & Stitch

DIY Modern Coffee Table

This weekend, try making a new coffee table by adding legs to a tabletop. Francois Et Moi shows you how.

DIY Modern Coffee Table from Francois Et Moi

DIY Sofa

Ever thought of making your own sofa? You can save a ton and customize it to fit your style. Check out the DIY guide from Fall for DIY.

DIY Sofa  from Fall for DIY

DIY Leather Chair Cover

Got some old chairs that need a makeover? Try making leather slipcovers for them. It’s a simple way to refresh your chairs and match them with your sofa. Delia Creates has a great tutorial.

DIY Leather Chair Cover from Delia Creates

DIY Modern Abstract Art

Want some big, bold art for your wall? You can create a stunning abstract painting yourself, and it’s easier than you think! Follow the steps on A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Modern Abstract Art from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Copper Blanket Ladder

Keep your blankets handy and stylishly displayed with a copper blanket ladder. A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make one.

DIY Copper Blanket Ladder from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Pineapple Pendant Light

Add a tropical vibe to your living room with DIY pineapple pendant lights. Cluster a few together for a spectacular lighting fixture. Monsters Circus has the details.

DIY Pineapple Pendant Light from Monsters Circus

DIY Hairpin Coffee Table

Need a new coffee table? A hairpin coffee table is super easy to make and gives your living room an instant update. Check out Delia Creates for the how-to.

DIY Hairpin Coffee Table from Delia Creates

DIY Plaid Wall

Make a bold statement by painting a plaid pattern on one of your walls. It’s a fun way to create a focal point in your living room. Lacey Placey can guide you through it.

DIY Plaid Wall from Lacey Placey

DIY Marble and Copper Plant Stand

Show off your plants with a chic marble and copper stand. It’s a simple project that adds elegance to your space. Get the instructions from A Joyful Riot.

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DIY Marble and Copper Plant Stand from A Joyful Riot

DIY Large Scale Rug

Large rugs can be pricey, but you can make your own for much less. Paper & Stitch offers a guide to creating a stylish DIY rug.

DIY Large Scale Rug from Paper & Stitch

DIY 2×4 Coffee Table

Build a coffee table using just a few wood boards. It’s an affordable way to add a custom piece to your living room. Follow the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Plywood Coffee Table from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Mid Century Coffee Table

Transform an old Ikea tabletop into a mid-century modern coffee table by swapping out the legs. A Joyful Riot shows you how.

DIY Mid Century Coffee Table from A Joyful Riot

DIY Pleated Lumbar Pillow

Brighten up your neutral furniture with a colorful handmade lumbar pillow. Sugar and Cloth has a fun DIY for this.

DIY Pleated Lumbar Pillow from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Ladder Shelf

Need more storage? Make a ladder shelf to display your photos and books. Burkatron has a great step-by-step guide.

DIY Ladder Shelf from Burkatron

DIY Metallic Chair Legs

Give your old chairs a new look by wrapping the legs in gold adhesive vinyl. It’s a quick and easy makeover. Learn more at Sugar and Cloth.

DIY Metallic Chair Legs from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Media Center Sideboard

Turn your sideboard into a media center with a fresh coat of paint. It’s a simple update that can make a big difference. Check out Fall for DIY.

DIY Media Center Sideboard from Fall for DIY

DIY Scallop Painted Basket Planter

Add texture to your room with a painted basket planter. It’s a unique way to display your plants. Sarah Hearts has the instructions.

DIY Scallop Painted Basket Planter from Sarah Hearts

DIY Marble Coffee Table

Get the look of a marble table without the cost by covering your existing table with contact paper. Poppytalk has a clever guide for this.

DIY Marble Coffee Table from Poppytalk

DIY Ombre Stump Side Table

Bring nature indoors with a tree stump side table painted in an ombre finish. You can make it for almost nothing using a stump, paint, and polyurethane. Sugar and Cloth has the details.

DIY Ombre Stump Side Table from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Under Sofa Storage

Add some extra storage with a drawer that fits under your sofa. Perfect for blankets and magazines, Passion Shake shows you how to make it.

DIY Under Sofa Storage from Passion Shake

DIY Cement Side Table

Create a sturdy cement side table that’s great for keeping your drink or snack within reach. Check out the guide on Sugar and Cloth.

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DIY Cement Side Table from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Streaming Device Cover

Hide your streaming device with a minimalist cover. Almost Makes Perfect has a simple DIY for this.

DIY Streaming Device Cover from Almost Makes Perfect

DIY Painted Chair Makeover

Refresh an old chair by painting a graphic design on it. It’s also a great way to cover up any tears or stains. Follow the tutorial on Sugar and Cloth.

DIY Painted Chair Makeover from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Bookcase Makeover

Elevate your bookcase by adding small furniture legs to it. Delia Creates shows you how to give your bookcase a stylish lift.

DIY Bookcase Makeover from Delia Creates

DIY Gold and Marble Accent Table

Combine a marble tile with hairpin legs to create a chic accent table. Sugar and Cloth has the details for this elegant DIY project.

DIY Gold and Marble Accent Table from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Faux Fireplace Log Stack

During the summer, fill your unused fireplace with a decorative faux log stack. The Decor Fix has a crafty guide for this.

DIY Faux Fireplace Log Stack from The Decor Fix

DIY Gold Stud Throw Pillow

Transform your old cushions into stylish throw pillows by adding gold studs. Check out Sarah Hearts for the tutorial.

DIY Gold Stud Throw Pillow from Sarah Hearts

DIY Color Blocked Galaxy Mirrors

Make your wall pop with color-blocked mirrors featuring a galaxy design. A Kailo Chic Life shows you how to create these stunning pieces.

DIY Color Blocked Galaxy Mirrors from A Kailo Chic Life

DIY Faux Marble Lamp

Give your old lamp a fresh look with some marble contact paper. It’s a quick and affordable makeover. Homey Oh My has the guide.

DIY Faux Marble Lamp from Homey Oh My

DIY Always Weekending Art

Print out some “always weekending” artwork for free wall art. Lovely Indeed offers a simple way to add charm to your living room.

DIY Always Weekending Art from Lovely Indeed

DIY Gold Nesting Tables

Update your Ikea nesting tables by spraying the bases gold. Classy Clutter has a chic makeover guide.

DIY Gold Nesting Tables from Classy Clutter

These projects can transform your living room without emptying your wallet. Give them a try and enjoy your stylish, personalized space!