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25+ Affordable Above Ground Pool Ideas

Take a look at these above-ground pool ideas that are going to make your pool area more functional, relaxing, and most of all, fun. Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated spot for the adults or a pool party paradise for the kids, you’re sure to find inspiration here on how to make it spectacular.

Some of these ideas you can easily do yourself, while others may require a little bit more help. From adding a deck to creating a unique area for pool toys, these above-ground pool ideas will inspire you to put a little bit of pizzazz into your backyard.

Vibrant Mural Backdrop

Add privacy and color to your pool area with a colorful mural. Paired with modern loungers and potted cacti, it creates a vibrant, inviting space.

Tuscan-Inspired Pool Oasis

The stonework on this semi-above-ground pool evokes the charm of an Italian villa, complete with large potted plants and a soothing water feature.

Tropical Plunge Pool Paradise

Surrounded by lush greenery and unique light fixtures, this above-ground plunge pool offers a tropical retreat in your own backyard.

Vibrant Pool and Deck

Bright shades of orange and white accent this above-ground pool and deck, giving the backyard a cheerful, festive atmosphere.

Rustic Towel Hanger

Turn a vintage barn gate into a towel hanger with a variety of hooks, providing a rustic and functional poolside accessory.

Fun-Filled Backyard Pool

A stock pool surrounded by gravel, pavers, and a stone walkway, with a seating area and grill on the back porch, makes this backyard ready for fun.

Nature-Encased Pool

Large trees and pretty flowers surround this above-ground pool, with a landscaped path leading to and from the pool.

Inflatable Pool with Deck

Enjoy an inflatable whirlpool without the commitment of a permanent pool. A wood deck and privacy wall, complemented by string lights, create a cozy, stylish space.

Modern Cedar Deck Pool

This above-ground pool upgrade features a modern cedar deck with colorful lounger cushions, creating a relaxing and stylish poolside retreat.

Garden Feature Pool

This pool doubles as a beautiful garden feature with a large water feature, stone facade, plants, lighting, and stepping stones.

Paver Deck Pool

Positioned in a yard corner, this pool features a unique deck made of pavers, surrounded by mulch and a variety of plants for a serene, relaxing environment.

Serene Poolside Retreat

After a swim, relax in this charming sitting area with cushioned chairs, throw pillows, and a pergola adorned with twinkle lights.

Stylish Pool Skirts

Show off your personal style with a unique pool skirt designed to fit a variety of pool sizes, keeping your space looking stylish.

Luxurious Lounge Pool

This above-ground pool is surrounded by cozy seating areas, perfect for lounging, eating, and visiting. Floor cushions and blankets make it inviting even in cooler weather.

Stone Elegance with Lights

For a high-end look, this above-ground pool features a stone facade illuminated by garden lights. A nearby deck with a pizza oven makes it ideal for summer pool parties.

Stylishly Painted Stock Tank

Stock tank pools are becoming a popular choice for above-ground pools. This tutorial shows you how to paint one for a chic, upgraded look, complete with nearby seating and towel hooks.

Compact Yet Chic Pool

Even small and sloped backyards can house an above-ground pool. This setup uses the space efficiently with a narrow wood walkway that provides easy access and beautiful views.

Relaxing Pool Fountain

Add a pool fountain for a soothing water flow. Combined with bright flowers, a lounging area, and a covered deck, it enhances your pool’s appeal.

Enchanted Garden Pool

This dreamy oasis features a stock tank pool surrounded by a lush garden, pink flamingos, and a partial deck for relaxation.

Sleek Stock Tank Pool

A stock tank pool with a matching wood deck and stairs, outdoor pillows, and an umbrella creates an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance backyard pool solution.

Organized Pool Toy Storage

Use a single pallet to thread pool noodles and store water toys and cleaning tools, keeping everything organized and accessible.

Spacious Lounging Pool Area

Plenty of room for chairs, plants, artwork, an umbrella, and even a lamp make this design perfect for lounging by the pool.

Perfect for Night Swims

A large deck with built-in benches, lounge chairs, and a gazebo with string lights creates an inviting space for swimming day or night.

Secluded Pool Sanctuary

Even in a crowded neighborhood, you can create a private oasis with a hot tub, deck area for towels, and a tall privacy screen.

Deck-Enhanced Pool

The clear waters of this above-ground pool look stunning against a modern deck extension, adding enjoyment and visual appeal.

Elevated Stock Pool Design

This elevated stock pool with decorative pavers and a large umbrella creates a shady, inviting space.

Charming Pool House

A small pool house complements the above-ground pool, with chairs for relaxing and a lovely deck that ties the area together.

Harmoniously Painted Pool

A bright palette that echoes the exterior paint colors is carried onto the pastel pink stock tank pool and green deck, creating a cohesive backyard space.

Best Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Rock and Pebble Accents Rocks and pebbles are a cost-effective way to define the pool area. Use them to create pathways, borders, and decorative features that blend your pool into the natural landscape.

Mulch and Gravel Mulch and gravel not only look great but also help with drainage and weed control. These materials are perfect for outlining the pool area and adding texture.

Concrete and Pavers For a more polished look, consider using concrete or pavers. These materials are durable and versatile, allowing you to create walkways, patios, and even seating areas around your pool.

Flower Beds and Plants Adding flower beds and plants brings color and life to your pool area. Choose plants that thrive in your climate and require minimal maintenance.

Trees and Small Gardens Trees and small garden patches can provide shade and privacy. Opt for trees that don’t shed too many leaves to keep pool maintenance to a minimum.

Decking While building a full deck can be expensive, consider a partial deck or a simple wooden platform. This creates a dedicated space for lounging and entertaining.

What Should I Plant Around My Above-Ground Pool?

Ornamental Grasses
These low-maintenance plants add movement and texture to your pool area.

Use shrubs to create natural barriers and add greenery. They’re perfect for adding structure and privacy.

Succulents are drought-resistant and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for poolside planting.

Small trees can provide shade and a focal point. Be sure to choose varieties that won’t drop excessive debris into the pool.

Salt-Loving Plants
If you use a saltwater pool, consider plants that tolerate saline conditions.

Bug-Repellant Plants
Plants like lavender, marigolds, and citronella can help keep pesky insects at bay.

Colorful Flowering Plants
Bright, vibrant flowers can enhance the aesthetic of your pool area, complementing the blue of the pool water.

How to Landscape Around Your Above-Ground Pool

Create Different Zones Think of your pool area as a series of zones, each with its own purpose and design. Use rocks and mulch to outline the pool, then add flower beds, seating areas, and walkways.

Incorporate Organic Elements Using natural elements like boulders and organic materials can create a cohesive look. A waterfall or stone pathway can add an element of luxury.

Add Color with Plants Brighten up the poolside with colorful flowering plants. Choose a mix of colors and textures to create a dynamic and engaging landscape.

Use Mulch and Gravel for Practicality Gravel and mulch are excellent for pathways and borders, helping to keep weeds down and improving drainage around the pool area.

Enhance with Decorative Elements Consider adding decorative features like pergolas, gazebos, or simple lighting. These elements can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for evening swims.