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Why Is LinkedIn So Slow? (2023)

LinkedIn application, like other apps, may experience glitches, sometimes slowing it. LinkedIn is usually very fast, and if you realize yours is slowing, it means something behind the scenes is making it slow down.

If you want to know the issue of LinkedIn becoming slow and how to fix it, please continue reading this guide!

Many things may be making your LinkedIn load slowly. If it is never like that, it may be because your internet connection is weak today. If the internet becomes weak, your LinkedIn will take longer to load than normal.

Also, if the LinkedIn servers are down, LinkedIn may misbehave, affecting many LinkedIn users. Continue reading to discover more reasons for LinkedIn becoming slow.

LinkedIn can disappoint you sometimes when you want to do something with it but realize it is loading slowly. In this guide, we’ll cover various reasons why LinkedIn might be slow. Moreover, the guide has presented measures you can take to solve the issue.

Why is LinkedIn So Slow?

Before you fix an issue, you must know what the issue is.

Take a look at various reasons below that might be causing your LinkedIn to slow down.

Reason #1: LinkedIn Servers are Down

LinkedIn may fail to load when the servers are down. Such issues are not experienced often, but many users of a given region get affected when they happen.

You can talk to your friends and enquire if they can access LinkedIn on their side. If they can, then it means the servers are working, which is not why your LinkedIn is slow.

Reason #2: Weak Internet Connection

A weak internet connection is another reason why LinkedIn may be loading slowly.

A strong internet connection is a must for undisturbed streaming on LinkedIn; if it is weak, it may fail to load or do so slowly.

Reason #3: Outdated LinkedIn Version

LinkedIn always releases new features to keep it up to date.

If you have not enabled updates, you may find your LinkedIn lacking many features that may make it slow.

Reason #4: Your Phone May Be Slow

Your phone may be slow, making it hard to load any application, including LinkedIn.

You can determine if your phone is the issue by trying to open another application like Snapchat or Twitter and see how they behave.

If they are slow, your phone is slow, affecting the opening of other applications.

Reason #5: Your Operating System May be Obsolete

When your phone operating system is not updated, LinkedIn may misbehave and become slower.

This is a common issue, especially for iOS users, and when such happens, they must update the OS to get other apps functioning well.

How To Fix a Slow LinkedIn?

After knowing what is making your LinkedIn so slow, you can deal with the issue by using any of the following fixes.

Method #1: Check if LinkedIn is Down

Before clearing the app cache or trying other fixes, confirm the LinkedIn servers are not the issue.

If you know how to check it using the website, do so or ask your friends if their LinkedIn is working well.

If LinkedIn servers are down, you must be patient and wait for LinkedIn to solve the issue.

Method #2: Check the Internet Connection

As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn uses the internet to load; if the internet is weak, it will make LinkedIn slow.

You can try restarting your router or switch and see if the network will behave.

Moreover, try switching to a different mobile connection and accessing LinkedIn if you use a mobile network.

Method #3: Clear Cache

If your phone is slow by default, you may need to clear your LinkedIn cache and try to boost its speed.

User data can make LinkedIn slow down, and you can clear the app cache by following the steps below:

Navigate to the “Settings” app on your phone.
Click on “App & notifications”.
Find LinkedIn from the listed apps.
Tap on “Storage”.
Select the “Clear cache” button.

Method #4: Restart Your Phone

When your phone is naturally slow, you may need to restart it to see if it will start operating as expected.

Restarting your phone will enable you to clear several apps in the background that may make your phone slow.

Method #5: Update LinkedIn

If you have not enabled automatic app updates, you may be required to update the app manually to fix some bugs that may make your LinkedIn slow.

Updating your LinkedIn is easy because you can achieve that from the Play Store or the App Store. After searching for the LinkedIn app on the App Store or Play Store, tap on the update icon and wait for it to finish the update.

Method #6: Update the OS

If your LinkedIn is getting slower because of the operating system, you must update it and try to fix the issue.

If you are an iOS user, you can update the OS as explained below:

Go to “Settings”.
Click on “General”.
Select the “Software Update” option.
If an update is available, click on it and wait for it to get updated.

Wrapping Up

It can be frustrating when you want to use LinkedIn, and it is slow.

Read this post to understand why your LinkedIn may be slow and how you can deal with the issue quickly!


Why is LinkedIn so slow?

LinkedIn may be getting slow depending on various variables. If your phone is slow by default, it will also make other apps slow. Also, if LinkedIn is outdated, it may have bugs that can make the app act slow.

How can I fix a slow LinkedIn?

Fixing a slow LinkedIn is easy when you know what the issue is. If the cause of LinkedIn being slow is your phone being slow, you can restart your phone or try clearing the background apps. If the app is slow because LinkedIn servers are down, you must wait for LinkedIn to solve the issue from their side.

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