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What Happened to newTumbl?

Launched as a free-speech alternative to Tumblr, newTumbl gained popularity but faced challenges in content moderation and competition.

This article explores its rise, struggles, and demise, illustrating the delicate balance between user freedom and content moderation in social media.

What was newTumbl?

NewTumbl was created at the start of 2019 in response to Tumblr’s adult content ban. NewTumbl was a blogging platform and virtual home for people from all walks of life to express themselves in the manner they see fit. Or as NewTumbl put it,

“We offer asylum to all those who feel persecuted simply for wanting to exercise your freedom of speech.”

The Rise of newTumbl

Tumblr Exodus: Tumblr’s ban on explicit adult content prompted a mass exodus. newTumbl seized this chance, positioning itself as a free-speech, adult-friendly alternative.

Features and Appeal: Offering a clean interface reminiscent of Tumblr’s early days, newTumbl allowed diverse content creation (text, photos, videos). Privacy and freedom of expression were emphasized, along with the freedom to post adult content.

Why Did newTumbl Shut Down?

Moderation Struggles: Despite initial success, newTumbl faced challenges in effectively moderating adult content. Balancing adult content hosting without violating laws became a major hurdle, leading to controversies and legal threats.

Policy Changes: In a pivotal shift, newTumbl banned explicit content while still allowing nudity, sparking discontent. Users had to adhere to a code of conduct, and content restrictions frustrated many.

Small User Base and Financial Woes: Compared to giants like Tumblr or Twitter, newTumbl’s user base remained small, limiting ad revenue. Depending heavily on user donations proved unsustainable. Competition from platforms like Pillowfort and Mastodon further eroded its market share.

Is newTumbl Still Available?

In 2021, newTumbl stopped accepting new users, focused on existing ones, and began random profile removals. On June 7, 2022, without warning, newTumbl abruptly shut down.

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