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What Does Proficient Mean on Indeed?

When you see “Proficient” on your Indeed profile, it means you’ve scored well in an assessment. Proficient indicates that you are thoroughly competent, providing optimal solutions in business-related scenarios.

This score is a reflection of your knowledge and competence in the field, something potential employers take note of when reviewing your profile.

Is Proficient a Good Score on Indeed?

Absolutely. Proficient is a positive score, showcasing your knowledge and competence. Employers often view this as a strong indicator of your abilities in a particular field.

While Proficient is not the highest score, it is commendable and suggests you are well-suited for the role. Many individuals with Proficient scores often hold leadership or managerial positions.

How to Get a Better Score on Indeed Test

There are two higher scores: “Highly Proficient” and “Expert.” Highly Proficient signals a very high level of knowledge and competence, while Expert indicates exceptional expertise.

To aim for a higher score, consider taking practice assessments. Study the subject matter and familiarize yourself with potential questions. This proactive approach can significantly improve your performance.

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