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How to Upload More Than 6 Photos on Hinge

This guide will let you know different ways to upload more than 6 Photos on Hinge.

Can You Have More Than 6 Photos on Hinge?

Unfortunately, Hinge restricts users to a total of six photos on their profile. Though Hinge doesn’t explicitly state why it limits users to six photos, this restriction encourages users to curate a thoughtful collection that truly represents them.

The formula for uploading your best six.

1. Your first impression. The initial photo is crucial. Opt for a clear shot without sunglasses or hats, looking directly into the camera with your best smile.

2. Full-body confidence. Your second photo should feature a confident, clothed full-body shot. Choose an outfit that makes you feel unstoppable and capture the moment either with a friend, family member, or a tall mirror.

3. Casual vibe. For the third photo, embrace a calm and casual setting. No fancy clothes – just a relaxed snapshot of you reading or chilling on a bench.

4. Adventure fun. Photo four should showcase your adventurous side. Whether hiking or exploring, let your dynamic personality shine.

5. Furry friends. Picture five is all about your beloved pet. Capture a moment with your dog, cat, or any other furry companion to share the joy and start conversations.

6. Personality snapshot. The final photo should delve into your hobbies or activities. Whether it’s yoga poses or showcasing your diverse interests, use this space to portray the multifaceted you.

How to Upload More Than 6 Photos on Hinge

The Hinge limitation of six photos might irk some users, but fear not – there are two clever workarounds.

1. Create a collage. While you can’t expand the number of photo spaces, you can upload a collage as one photo. Use your phone’s built-in features or apps like Google Photos to create a visually appealing collage with multiple pictures. Ensure your collage remains clear and vibrant to make the most impact.

Open Google Photos > select Library at the bottom > choose Utilities at the top > Create New > Collage > Pick up to nine photos > Create.

2. Connect Instagram. Link your Instagram account to your Hinge profile to showcase more than six photos. Your Instagram pictures will appear at the bottom of your Hinge profile, offering an extended visual narrative.

For iPhone Users

  • Open the Hinge app and tap your Profile tab.
  • Select the pencil icon above your name.
  • In the menu, choose My Accounts, then tap the purple Instagram icon.
  • Save changes by selecting Done.

For Android Users

  • Open the Hinge app and go to your profile in the Profile tab.
  • Tap the pencil icon above your name.
  • In the menu, choose My Accounts at the bottom, then tap on Recent Instagram Feed.
  • Save changes by selecting the arrow in the upper left-hand corner.

Can You Have Less Than 6 Photos on Hinge?

No, Hinge doesn’t allow fewer than six photos on a profile. Attempting to have fewer may affect features like likes and preferences negatively.

How to Have Less Than 6 Photos on Hinge

If you desire fewer than six photos, upload blank or black images to fill the spaces without displaying additional content.

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