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Undo Unavailable Hinge

This guide will address the “undo unavailable” Hinge error and provide you with straightforward solutions.

Understanding “Undo Unavailable” on Hinge

When you’re actively swiping through profiles on Hinge, it’s easy to accidentally dismiss someone you’re interested in. The Undo option comes in handy at such moments, allowing you to revisit a profile and make a different decision.

However, there are times when attempting to undo your last swipe triggers an error stating Undo is Unavailable.

This error typically occurs when you’ve liked a profile, preventing you from undoing your last action. Hinge restricts the undo feature once a like has been sent, ensuring that your swiping decisions are final once you’ve expressed interest.

Can You Undo a Like on Hinge?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once you’ve sent a like, the undo option becomes unavailable, and your decision is final. However, if you’ve accidentally liked someone and wish to take it back, there’s a workaround.

What to Do If You Want to “X” Someone You Sent a Like to

Opt for the X to express disinterest. Unlike blocking a user, hitting the X simply means you’re choosing not to like the profile and moving on.

While you might think the X speeds up your match search, it’s designed to encourage users to spend more time on each profile before swiping. Placed at the bottom left, it’s intentionally less accessible to ensure users focus on profiles.

If you want to remove someone from your preferences after liking them, here are a couple of methods to consider.

1. Unmatch once they like you back. Wait for the person to like you back. This ensures that your like is taken back, and you won’t see them in potential matches.

Go to their profile > click the three dots > select Unmatch.

2. Delete your account. If you’re concerned about them seeing your profile, consider deleting your Hinge account. Keep in mind that this should be a last resort, as it permanently removes all account information, including photos, messages, and matches.

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