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How to Turn off Audio Description on Peacock

In this guide, you’ll learn how to effortlessly disable Peacock’s audio descriptions and fully enjoy your favourite shows without any distractions.

Why Is Peacock Narrating My Show?

Peacock TV’s automatic narration serves primarily to assist viewers who may struggle to see clearly. This feature aids the blind and provides crucial visual details during live shows.

It’s beneficial not only for visually impaired individuals but also for those with autism, dyslexia, or health issues that affect viewing.

Additionally, audio descriptions enable multitasking, allowing viewers to catch up on shows while driving or working from home. It provides flexibility to listen to shows in different rooms without needing to watch, making it convenient for chores or other activities.

Moreover, audio narration helps with retaining information, such as character or actor names, and supports language learners, making it valuable for non-native English speakers leveraging it as a language-learning tool.

How To Turn Off The Audio Narrator On Peacock

To turn off the audio narrator on Peacock, follow these simple steps.

  • Open your preferred browser and go to peacock.com.
  • Once on the site, open your show.
  • Move your mouse to the bottom left corner and click on the yellow hearing box.
  • Select none to turn off the Peacock narrator. To turn it on, choose your preferred language.
  • If you’re using a phone, the process is similar: while watching a show, tap the screen and click on the speech bubble at the top right.
  • Choose none to turn off the audio narrator or select your desired language to turn it on.

Peacock Audio Description Won’t Turn Off

If you’re struggling to turn off the Peacock audio description, several factors could be causing this issue.

1. It’s a bug.

One of the main reasons you might struggle to turn off Peacock’s audio description is due to a bug. Bugs often cause malfunctions on your device, including your phone, computer, or Peacock TV app.

To resolve this, update your Peacock app and your device’s operating system. If the issue persists due to a bug on Peacock’s end, you may need to wait for them to address it. Peacock regularly updates its platform, which can sometimes lead to system errors and bugs affecting users.

2. Update the Peacock app.

To address the issue of Peacock audio narration, updating your Peacock app is crucial. By keeping your app up-to-date, you can resolve potential bugs that may hinder you from disabling the audio narration feature.

Running an outdated app puts your Peacock experience at risk, leading to potential functionality issues. Ensure to update your Peacock app promptly to enhance your user experience and effortlessly manage audio narration settings. (Android, iPhone)

3. Wait for Peacock to fix this.

If you’re unable to disable Peacock’s audio narration, update the Peacock app.

4. Reinstall Peacock.

To fix issues with the Peacock app, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. This process clears bugs and ensures you have the latest version. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, reinstalling Peacock is straightforward and effective.

5. Force close the Peacock app.

If you’re unable to turn off the audio description in the Peacock TV app, try force-closing the app. This works similarly to updating or reinstalling the app and ensures proper functionality when you reopen it.

6. Open Peacock on a new tab.

If you’re still having trouble after trying the fixes we suggested, consider opening Peacock in a new tab. Alternatively, try using a different browser to see if you can still turn off the audio description and narration.

7. Ask Peacock support.

For assistance with any issues on your Peacock TV app, contacting Peacock support is your best bet. They’re professional, well-trained, and available via chat or email to help you resolve problems promptly and understand how to fix them effectively.

How To Turn Off Peacock Subtitles

To turn off subtitles on Peacock TV, follow these simple steps.

  • Launch Peacock on your Android, iPhone, or browser.
  • Navigate to playback options.
  • Look for the speech bubble icon.
  • Click on none to disable subtitles. To turn them on, select your preferred language.

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