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How To Treat Dislocated Shoulder In BG3?

A dislocated shoulder might catch you off guard after a particularly tough skirmish.

This guide will walk you through the steps to treat a dislocated shoulder in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Causes Of A Dislocated Shoulder In Baldur’s Gate 3

Most dislocated shoulders occur during close combat encounters.

Powerful blows from foes like goblins or cultists can pop a shoulder out of place.

Even mages, with spells like Shocking Grasp, can critically hit the joint.

Recognize a dislocated shoulder by observing a character’s arm hanging limply or experiencing ongoing damage each turn.

Effects Of A Dislocated Shoulder

In-game, a dislocated shoulder hampers weapon-wielding, spell casting, and reduces the ability to lift or drag items.

The injury brings a disadvantage to strength checks, attacks, and dexterity checks for 1-3 days.

Seeking treatment at the nearest settlement post-combat is advisable.

How To Treat A Dislocated Shoulder?

Head to Elturel or Neverwinter for reliable treatment.

In Elturel, the House of the Triad temple has skilled clerics, while Neverwinter’s Castle Ward and apothecaries throughout the city offer healing.

Alternative ways to treat dislocated shoulders. In rural or Underdark exploration, options like Gale’s first aid in Druid Grove or assistance from the hag Hagberry in the goblin encampment exist. The mind flayer settlement under Baldur’s Gate boasts advanced healing vats for comprehensive treatment.

Tips To Prevent Dislocated Shoulder In BG3

Controlled gameplay is essential for characters with a dislocated shoulder.

Seek treatment before re-entering combat to avoid further harm.

Opt for skills not reliant on the injured arm initially, such as stealth, persuasion, or magic.

When resisting tentacles in the Underdark, choose the melee attack option for a higher chance of success.

Employ cover, shields, or counterspells to protect against spells targeting the shoulder joint.

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