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121+ viral Tiktok hooks

TikTok videos are popular, and they’re only going to keep getting more popular as time goes on. So now is the BEST time to start making TikTok videos if you haven’t already.

But how do you make your TikTok videos stand out from the crowd and get thousands of views?

Today, we will share 50+ ideas for hooks to keep your audience’s attention when they’re watching your TikTok videos.

121+ TikTok hooks

Here are the 50+ TikTok hooks.

“I tried {blank} so you don’t have to”

“She/He’s a 10 but {weird / funny trait}”

“Here are 3 signs that you should {blank}”

“Here is my go-to {accessory / drink / food / etc

“I tried every {blank} so you don’t have to!”

“Is it just me, or…”

“F*ck it {blank}”

“This is your sign to do {blank}”


“What I ordered vs

“Open my package from {brand} with me”

“Come do {blank} with me”

“POV: {blank}”

“This may be controversial but {blank}”

“Don’t buy {blank}, buy {blank} instead”

“Everything you know about {blank} is 100% wrong

“Stop scrolling if you want {blank}”

“Here’s how I did {achievement} in {months/years}”

“Don’t start {blank} until you watch this video”

“This is the story of how I {blank}”

“What would you do if {blank}”

“I discovered the secret to {blank}”

“STOP doing this”

“{number} Life lesson I wish I knew earlier”

“Things I wish I knew before {blank}”

“Why is no one talking about {blank}”

“If you want to {blank} then you should be doing these things…”

“Here’s something I realised in my {20s/30s/40s/}”

“Bet you didn’t know how easy it was to {blank}”

“{blank} things that feel illegal to know”

“Why I don’t use {commonly used brand, website, etc

“#1 thing you need to know before you buy {blank}”

“Red flags to look for in {blank}”

“Try this one hack to get {blank}”

“You will look at {blank} differently by the end of this video”

“3 questions I get asked about my {niche / business / title} all the time”

“A day in the life of {interesting character e

“TikTok made me try it”

“Life Hack I wish I knew earlier”

“PSA: {blank}”

“This video might get me cancelled but {controversial statement}”

“You’ve been using {common thing} wrong this whole time”

“This will change the way you use {blank}”

“Exposing my secret to {blank}

“This video is only for people who are {specific type of person}

“3 {niche} life hacks in {specific number} seconds”

“I can’t believe NOBODY is talking about this…”

“This is why {blank} isn’t working”

“{specific number} things about {niche} I wish I knew earlier”

“Calling all {target audience}”

“This one mistake could be costing you {$}”

This is why you’re {audience’s niche specific pain point e

“WHAT IF I TOLD YOU” ( Finish it off )

“Let’s Make, Let’s See” ( Finish it off )

“Here’s How” ( Finish it off )

“You need to try this”

“Do not do action before you try this” ( show how to use product )

“This is why I’ll NEVER go back to X”

“Don’t buy (expensive product) when you can use your product

“3 Reasons why X Won’t work”

“If you just started using product you absolutely have to see this”

“This is why your X isn’t working”

“If you’re X listen up”

“Here’s an X Hack for Y on a budget”

“YOU” ( If you’re coming up with your own hooks, always use “YOU” )

“This (your product) will blow your mind”

“Did you know?”

“Here’s the best way to”

“I cant believe”

“3 ways you can X”

“Watch what happens when X”

“This feels illegal to know”

“I was today years old when”

“X revealed this shocking new data”

“If you want X listen up”

“I bet you didn’t know X”

“Here’s one thing stopping you from pain point/insecurity

“I used to feel pain point until I realized Y”

“Got X Problem?”

“Top 3 Tips about X”

“How to get Y in 24 Hours”

“Why is nobody talking about Y”

“Here’s X tiny tips that can help you achieve Y”

“Random things in my apartment that just make sense”

“I wish I had Y earlier”

“Don’t make this mistake if you’re using X”

“Here’s a really powerful way to ( finish it off )

“This is a reminder to do” ( finish it off )

“A huge realization I had about Y and here’s why”

“X will save you hours”

“This trick will save you hours”

“This is how you can get Y in 30 Days”

“Here’s the truth about XYZ big companies don’t want you to know”

“Heres the truth about XYZ from someone who has XYZ”

“Heres a really powerful ( finish it off )

“No one is talking about this but” ( finish it off )

“This might shock you”

“I have something to confess”

“3 big mistakes people with X are making”

“Calling all (niche audience )

“Why isn’t anyone talking about niche product hack?”

“Tool/Site(for ur niche) that feels illegal to know”

“Here are 3 signs that you need Y”

“How I got Y in X amount of time”

“Here’s an industry hack that changed my life “

“Don’t try this if you don’t want to (good result)

“If you want result avoid this one thing like the plague”

“If you’re not able to get Y it’s probably because of this one thing”

“Don’t believe this industry myth”

“5 tips that make result so much easier and faster”

“Can we all agree it’s time to”

“When you realize”

“Here’s a basic rundown of X”

“I accidentally sent noodles to my mom So I bought Y hoping she forgives me”

“I accidentally sent noodles to my mom.. JK”

“If you didn’t already know”

“I don’t know who needs to see this but”

“STOP whatever you’re doing”

“Exposing my secret to”

“I used product so you don’t have to”

“3 SIGNS PAINT POINT is an issue that needs to be solved”

Wrapping Up

Hope you get inspiration from these TikTok hooks. Now start creating your viral TikTok videos

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