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Stratagem Glitch in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, a glitch allows players to use more than four stratagems or duplicate the same one.

What Triggers the Stratagem Glitch in Helldivers 2?

Several factors may contribute to triggering the stratagem glitch:

Timing: The precise timing of selecting and activating stratagems can prompt the glitch.

Order of the Stratagems: The glitch manifests when selecting an empty slot in the stratagem menu, particularly when adjacent to the stratagem intended for duplication.

Type and Level: Certain types or levels of stratagems seem more susceptible to triggering the glitch.

Number of Players and Enemies: The intensity of on-screen action correlates with glitch occurrence.

Network Connection and Latency: A player’s network stability can impact the occurrence of the glitch.

How to Replicate the Stratagem Glitch in Helldivers 2?

Replicating the stratagem glitch may prove inconsistent and dependent on various factors. However, based on available information, here are some potential steps to attempt:

  • Launch Helldivers 2 and initiate a mission equipped with at least one stratagem.
  • Access the stratagem menu and select the desired stratagem for duplication.
  • Quickly activate the selected stratagem before the menu closes.
  • Reopen the stratagem menu and opt for an empty slot.
  • Activate the slot and observe if the same stratagem is replicated.
  • Experiment with different stratagems, slots, and timing iterations to assess glitch replication.

Risks of Replicating the Stratagem Glitch

Using it might spoil the fun and fairness of the game for others. Also, the developers might fix it in future updates, so it may not work forever.

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