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Whom To Choose: Stone Lord Vs. Guild In BG3?

In this guide, you’ll discover the crucial details about who are Stone Lord and Guild and make an informed decision on Stone Lord Vs. Guild.

Stone Lord Vs. Guild: The Battle

Embark on the Underduke Quest to see Stone Lord and Guild clash near Rivington Beach.

Navigate through Act 2, exploring the northern reaches of Faerun to locate this pivotal battleground.

Be prepared, as two drunk Guild members confront the Stone Lord in the Counting House.

Who Are Stone Lord and Guild?

The Stone Lord, a significant NPC found in the Lower City sewers, guides players through future events.

However, Guilds, affiliated with the Nine-fingers criminal organization, pose a formidable rival to the Stone Lord.

As tensions escalate, Nine-fingers instructs her followers to ambush the Stone Lord, setting the stage for a challenging decision.

Whom To Choose: Stone Lord Vs. Guild?

When faced with the choice, aiding the Stone Lord aligns with the best interests of future events.

To ensure the Stone Lord’s survival, players must have Jaheira as a companion and execute a non-lethal blow on Minsc.

Losing Jaheira may hinder progress in various missions, making the decision critical for your journey.

How To Aid The Underduke?

For those siding with the Stone Lord against the Guild, follow these steps.

  • Interact with Earspoon Sharess Caress in the Guildhall’s Revealed Entrance.
  • Locate the Guildhall Bar and meet with Nine-fingers.
  • Head to the Counting House and approach Head Clerk Meadhoney for the Vault Pass.
  • Present the Bank Pass to guards, pass the Iron fence, and reach the Vault.
  • Read the Cleaning Staff Note and solve the puzzle to open the Iron Door.
  • Journey to the Lower City sewer’s Abandoned Cistern, adjust the Water valve and open the Sluice Gate.
  • Follow the tunnel path to rescue the Stone Lord. After saving the Stone Lord, engage with Night-fingers in her office for further developments.

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