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How To Solve The XP Glitch In Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll learn essential strategies to overcome the XP glitch in Helldivers 2, helping you reclaim lost progress and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

XP Glitch In Helldivers 2

What Is New XP GLitch In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, players engage in matches and quests to earn experience points swiftly.

These quests offer a straightforward path to lucrative XP by completing simple challenges.

However, a new XP glitch disables the reward system, leaving players unable to earn any XP.

This issue affects players across all platforms, leading to issues and wasted gameplay.

Furthermore, the glitch sets players’ level cap at 0, preventing them from accessing any rewards.

Consequently, many in the Helldivers 2 community are quitting the game due to this disruptive glitch.

How To Solve The XP Glitch In Helldivers 2? 

When this glitch emerged online, players began sharing alternative solutions, though they aren’t guaranteed fixes for everyone.

Here’s what you can try to address the XP disable glitch in Helldivers 2.

  • Restart the game to bypass the glitch, which has worked for some players.
  • Try logging out and logging back in, as it’s resolved the issue for others.
  • Contact Helldivers 2 support for possible compensation or assistance.

After trying these steps, some players have reported retrieving missing XP.

Given the circumstances, the game seems to be addressing the issue across different server regions in stages.

Therefore, staying active in the Helldivers 2 community is key to staying informed about updates specific to your region.

When Will the XP Glitch Be Fixed In Helldivers 2?

The developers are expected to address the XP glitch in the next Helldivers 2 patch.

This issue undermines both the gaming platform and the company’s reputation.

The glitch prevented XP reception due to ongoing server maintenance and frequent game crashes during updates.

Despite the maintenance concluding, players continue to encounter the XP disable glitch.

It’s evident that this issue stems from a backend problem, yet the game has yet to acknowledge it.

Players must wait for the game to provide updates on the situation.

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