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How to Solve the Net Zero Klue In MK1 With Darrius’s Fatality

In this guide, you’ll explore Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasions Mode and learn how to unlock the elusive Net Zero Klue.

Net Zero Klue In MK1 Invasion Mode

The Net Zero Klue, part of Season 4 in Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasions Mode, poses a significant challenge. Klues, including the Net Zero Klue, offer riddles guiding players to unlock secret chests filled with rewards like skins and palettes.

Located within the Shang Tsung’s Laboratory node, the Net Zero Klue presents the riddle “We Will Stop You.“ To crack it, utilize Darrius’s first fatality, Armed & Dangerous, involving ripping off the opponent’s arms for use as baseball bats.

How to Solve the Net Zero Klue In MK1 With Darrius’s Fatality

To solve the Net Zero Klue using Darrius’s fatality, follow these steps.

  • Find and destroy the four Soul Tombs scattered around the level. These are small, ornate chests holding trapped souls.
    • First: Near the exit in the south-west corner.
    • Second: By the entrance in the northwest corner.
    • Third: Close to the spike trap in the southeast corner.
    • Fourth: Near the starting position in the northeast corner.
  • After destroying the Soul Tombs in order, a hidden passage will open in the northeast corner, close to the starting point.
  • Enter the passage and follow it to a secret room where you’ll discover hidden chests filled with bonus loot items.

Rewards Of Solving The Net Zero Klue

Unlocking the Net Zero Klue in Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasions Mode yields rewarding benefits.

1. Show me your moves relic. Obtain this exclusive legendary relic, enabling a stunning special move with immense damage potential.

2. Cryowarrion sub-zero palette. Acquire the unique Cryowarrion Sub-Zero palette, giving your character a fresh, classic-inspired appearance.

3. Seasonal kredits. Gain 250 Seasonal Kredits, the currency for purchasing upgrades and items in Invasions Mode, enhancing your gameplay.

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