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What Is Solo Account Found In Last Epoch?

In this guide, you’ll explore the unique challenges and gameplay mechanics of the Solo Account Found mode in Last Epoch, engaging in the solitary journey where teamwork is replaced by individual skill and strategy.

What Is Solo Account Found In Last Epoch?

Solo Account Found (SAF) is a mode where you adventure solo, without fellow players’ aid. Here’s what you need to know.

1. No party allowed. In SAF, no joining or creating parties is allowed. It’s just you facing the challenges alone, without teaming up for boss fights or sharing loot drops.

2. Isolation and independence. In SAF, global player interaction is restricted. No trading, item sharing, or helping each other. It’s a solitary journey that presents a unique challenge.

3. Your stash and item faction. While you won’t receive items from others, you can still share your stash and Item Faction with your other characters. Offline characters automatically fall into this category.

4. Normal or hardcore. Choose whether your online characters play in Normal or Hardcore mode. The SAF challenge applies to both modes.

Challenges Of Solo Account Found Mode In Last Epoch

Opting for Solo Account Found mode in the Last Epoch presents several challenges.

Solo play. Without companionship, there’s no one to watch your back.

Resource limit. Rely solely on what you find for crafting materials, gear, and consumables due to the absence of trading.

Boss battles. Taking down powerful foes becomes a skill test without team strategies.

Item self-sufficiency. Each equipment piece matters; you can’t rely on teammates or market finds.

Solo Account Found Vs. Solo Character Found In Last Epoch

After creating a character in Last Epoch, players can choose between two solo mode challenges: Solo Account Found (SAF) and Solo Character Found (SCF).

Both challenges support both online and offline gameplay, but they differ in several aspects.

1. Solo account found (SAF) features. A gaming mode in Last Epoch where players embark on a solo journey, devoid of party support or global interactions.

  • Shared stash. Your characters share one stash; items found are accessible to all.
  • No party play. Unable to join or create parties, and no interaction with other players.
  • Item acquisition. Obtain items solely through gameplay; no trading with other players.
  • Offline characters. Characters played offline are automatically in SAF mode.
  • Playthrough options. Choose between Normal or Hardcore for online characters.

2. For solo character found (SCF). Players experience a heightened level of challenge as each character operates in isolation, with an exclusive stash and no sharing of items or progress among characters in the account.

  • Isolated stash. Each character has its stash, exclusive to them.
  • No sharing. Items and progress cannot be shared across characters in your account.
  • Greater challenge. SCF offers a more isolated experience, ideal for players seeking extra challenges.

Your choice between Solo Account Found and Solo Character Found depends on your playstyle and appetite for challenge. You can opt out of these challenges from the settings.

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