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Why Is Snapchat Unadding My Friends

In this guide, you’ll learn why Snapchat unadds your friends and how to address it effectively.

Why Snapchat Is Unadding Your Friends?

Snapchat prioritizes user privacy, implementing measures to assess the activity and engagement levels of your friends. However, managing a growing friend list becomes challenging, prompting Snapchat to update inactive users.

Additionally, friends may be unadded due to app glitches, resulting in the common message that This user is no longer on Snapchat.

While Snapchat doesn’t determine your friends, various factors can lead to friends being removed from your list.

1. Little or no interaction. One main reason Snapchat removes your friends is the lack of interaction. If you’ve only added each other without any further engagement, Snapchat likely sees it as a one-sided connection.

Interactions like chats, snaps, and stories show mutual interest, even if not daily. Engaging with your friends helps maintain the connection and avoids being seen as inactive.

2. A fake account. Fake accounts on Snapchat are routinely removed by the platform. If you’re friends with such an account and Snapchat removes it, your friend will be unadded from your list.

New users must verify their accounts by linking a phone number or email. Failure to do so will flag the account as fake, leading to removal by Snapchat.

This action protects users from potential online risks, aligning with Snapchat’s commitment to privacy and safety.

3. Banned or deleted account. Snapchat may also remove friends if it bans or deletes their accounts due to violations like spamming.

When an account is banned, it’s removed from Snapchat’s user database, resulting in friends being unadded.

If you’re friends with an account no longer in Snapchat’s database, they’ll be removed from your friend list as well.

4. Friends that didn’t add you back. Snapchat lets you interact with users who haven’t added you back, facilitating communication with mutual friends. However, if these users disappear from your list, it might seem like a Snapchat glitch.

Usually, it’s due to changes in their privacy settings, restricting interactions with non-friends. This can make it seem like Snapchat removed them from your list.

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