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How Often Does Snap Score Update? [It Varies]

In preparing this comprehensive guide on ‘Snap Score Update,’ I’ve extensively reviewed hundreds of user reports, and the insights shared in this article are firmly grounded in my thorough analysis of the Snapchat algorithm, points system, and scoring mechanism.

I’ve observed that the Snap score system is updated on a regular basis, though the firm has not specified how often that occurs.

Snapchat calculates a user’s profile score based on activities such as how often they send snaps, how many they receive, and how often they send chats.

In this guide, we are going to look at the following topics regarding Snap score updates:

We will discuss each of these in detail below.

How often does Snap score update?

Each time a user sends or receives a Snap, their Snap Score is updated.

When a person looks at their own score after sending or receiving a Snap, it should immediately increase. 

When viewing a friend’s Snap Score, however, it will take hours or even days for the information to update. So, the update frequency varies whether you look at your snap or someone else’s snap score.

Does Snap score update instantly?

The majority of the people using Snapchat think that Snap Score gets updated in real time.

While some individuals may see their scores rise or fall practically instantly as a result of these updates.

However, many of the users have also reported the average time it takes to update as around 5 to 7 days

When you send or open a snap, the Snap score updates automatically. But if you’re continuously checking, the minimum time it takes to update is five minutes.

How to refresh someone’s Snap score?

Each time a user sends or gets a Snap, their Snap Score is updated.

When a person looks at their own score after sending or receiving a Snap, it should instantly increase.

When viewing a friend’s Snap Score, it will take a few days for the Snap score to change.

There is a time lag in updating the publicly available Snap score. So, the score refresh rate varies whether you look at your snap or someone else’s snap score.

This is good from a privacy aspect as the Snapchat algorithm protects users’ privacy because an increasing Snap Score implies that the user is online. 

How long does it take for someone else snap score to update? Is snap score delayed?

A snap score will take many hours to update. However, if there is a huge volume of snaps being sent, it may take longer. 

Sometimes we need to close and reopen the Snapchat app to get updates on the snap scores. 

A number of things will influence Snap scores. However, Snap score represents an estimate of your popularity and engagement on Snapchat in general.

As per Snapchat algorithm, every snap sent or received is worth one point. While texts sent or received, as well as watching stories, do not count into your score, posting a snap to stories will count.   

Can you see when someone checks your snap score?

You will not get a notification when someone checks your Snap score.  You are unable to see the list of people has visited your profile.

You will only see the Snap score of people who’ve already added you as a friend.

The app will not show you how many times someone has seen your story.

Does snap score go up when you receive a snap but don’t open it?

You will not get any points if you haven’t opened the received snap and chatted with someone on Snapchat. 

Definitely, you will get a point for sending a Snap or opening one.

Unfortunately, watching a story does not improve your Snap score.

Snap score will increase when you interact with someone on the Snapchat app.

If you’ve been using the Snapchat app more regularly and sending more snaps, as well as connecting with other users in snaps, either by sending replies or adding them as friends, and joining more Snapchat groups, then your Snap score will improve.

Can snap score go up randomly?

Snap score depends on the total number of snaps you’ve sent and received. With each Snap you send, you earn a point.

Similarly, with each Snap you get, you will earn another point. Your snap score increases every time you do one of those things.

That’s why when you sent a person something, your score increased and theirs didn’t because they hadn’t sent anything to anyone for a while.

Snapchat stories do not give you any points.

How does your snap score go up?

Your Snap Score goes up when you engage in Snapchat. The best way to increase Snap score is as follows.

  • Always keep engaging in the Snapchat app. 
  • Send greeting messages to friends.
  • Share the snaps
  • Receive and open the snaps.
  • Follow and engage with brands.
  • Add the maximum number of friends and create the groups.
  • Increase the number of stories you post on Snapchat.

Note: Sending the same Snap to multiple users does not gain you extra points. To get a point, you must send unique Snaps every time.


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