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How Ship Management Works In Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll learn the intricate workings of ship management in Helldivers 2, the sci-fi co-op shooter.

Explore how to customize your dropship, access abilities, and optimize your squad’s performance.

Ship Management Works In Helldivers 2

How Ship Management Works?

Ship Management in Helldivers 2 is vital for customizing your gameplay and improving your squad’s performance.

Here’s how ship management works.

1. Stratagems.

In this section, you can access special abilities and equipment known as Stratagems.

These items can be used during missions to gain tactical advantages, summon reinforcements, or launch powerful attacks.

Unlock new Stratagems by earning samples through mission completion.

2. Ship Modules.

Here, you can buy and equip modules providing passive bonuses to your dropship and squad, such as increased armor, movement speed, weapon damage, and resource generation.

However, acquiring modules requires spending Requisition points, earned through gameplay.

3. Medals.

This section monitors your progress in earning medals, awarded for completing specific mission challenges.

Medals offer cosmetic rewards and may unlock new Stratagems or Loadouts.

4. Loadouts.

This feature enables you to save sets of weapons, perks, and gear for various scenarios.

It allows for swift transitions between tailored load-outs for different enemies or missions.

How To Access Ship Management In Helldivers 2?

You can access Ship Management in Helldivers 2 in two ways.

1. Through the Ship Management Console.

In your dropship, find the terminal with the blue screen, known as the Ship Management Console.

Press the appropriate button (e.g., X on PlayStation) to interact with the console.

This action opens the Ship Management menu, granting access to stratagems, ship modules, medals, and load-outs.

2. Through the Main Menu.

From the main menu, choose Barracks.

Inside the Barracks, find and select the Ship tab.

Here, you can view and equip Stratagems and Ship Modules, similar to the Ship Management Console. However, features like Medals and Loadouts are not available in this section.

Ship Management Console Looks Different In Ships

The Ship Management Console varies based on your ship in Helldivers 2. Here’s what you’ll notice.

1. Different Layouts.

Each ship class features a distinct Ship Management Console layout tailored to its role and focus.

For example, the Attacker’s console prioritizes offensive Stratagems, while the Support console emphasizes healing and buffs.

Variations in console layout may exist within the same class due to specializations.

2. Limited Options.

Some ships lack access to all Ship Management features.

Starter ships offer fewer Stratagem slots and module options compared to advanced ones. Progression unlocks better ships.

Advanced Stratagems and modules may be locked until specific levels or challenges are completed, adding strategic planning and rewarding progress.

3. Visual Differences.

The Ship Management Console’s appearance varies depending on the ship’s aesthetics and faction.

For instance, Helldiver ships often feature a sleek and aggressive design, while Illuminate vessels may showcase a more organic, alien style in their consoles.

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