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What to Do If You See Someone You Know on Hinge, Tinder, or Bumble

In this guide, you’ll get to know what can be done if you see someone you already know on dating platforms like Hinge, Tinder, or Bumble.

What to Do If You See Someone You Know on Hinge, Tinder, or Bumble

You have to explore various approaches and potential outcomes based on your relationship with the person.

1. Like them if you think they’ll like you back.

Give their profile a like, especially if you sense mutual interest. If they reciprocate, the app will match your profiles, allowing further interaction guarantees, but it’s worth trying if you’re on good terms.

2. If you think it’ll be weird, swipe left.

If the idea of matching with someone you know on the dating app seems too uncomfortable, simply swipe left. This action expresses disinterest, removing them from your potential matches.

Consider swiping left if a past relationship would make dating them feel strange. Trust your judgment and avoid potential awkwardness by swiping left when they appear in your feed.

3. If they’re an ex, it’s best not to like them.

If your ex appears on a dating app, it’s wise to avoid liking their profile, especially for recent breakups. Assess if rekindling the relationship is a good idea. If the breakup wasn’t amicable, steer clear of interaction to maintain peace.

If they haven’t liked your profile, it suggests a lack of interest, signalling caution in reaching out. Only consider liking their profile if you genuinely sense potential for a reconnection.

4. If they’re a friend’s ex, leave them alone.

When you spot a friend’s ex on the dating app, it’s best to avoid any interaction – just swipe left. Dating a friend’s ex can stir up unnecessary drama within your social circle. If you notice them, chances are they’ve seen your profile but chose not to engage.

The decision is yours, but consider your friendship’s closeness and potential social repercussions before making a move.

5. If they’ve got a partner that you know, it’s best to let them know.

If the person you see on the app has a partner you’re acquainted with, it’s advisable to inform them. While it’s not your business to judge, most people appreciate being informed about such matters. Acknowledge the potential real-life consequences and make the tough decision based on your investment in the other person’s wellbeing.

Though challenging, letting them know is often the more responsible choice, but if you’re not well-acquainted with the parties involved, it might be better to stay out of it.

6. Record a video of you swiping left and send it to them on social media.

If you’re close with the person and connected on social media, consider playfully recording yourself swiping left on their dating profile.

It’s a humorous way to let them know you’ve stumbled upon their profile without implying romantic interest. If it’s just for fun and you secretly want to match later, they’ll likely reappear in your potential matches.

7. If you work with them and you know there’s nothing there, it’s best to swipe left.

If you encounter a coworker on a dating app and have no romantic interest, swipe left. Workplace relationships can be tricky, and expressing disinterest ensures they won’t appear in your suggestions.

However, if you are genuinely interested, liking their profile provides a subtle and appropriate way to express romantic interest given the work setting.

What to Say If You See Someone You Know on Hinge, Tinder, or Bumble?

Now, let’s talk about what to say when reaching out to someone you know on a dating app.

1. Weird to see you here.

Start with a casual Weird to see you here. It sets a familiar tone and hints at potential romantic interest.

This can lead to a deeper conversation about what you’re both looking for on the app, valuable if you’re considering a serious relationship.

2. Who knew we’d ever match each other.

Another good greeting would be with Who knew we’d ever match? Express surprise and show interest in exploring romantic possibilities.

Use this opportunity to reconsider relationships with people you may not have initially seen as romantic prospects.

3. Hey stranger.

Begin with a friendly Hey, stranger for a familiar and lighthearted tone.

This sets the stage for discussing past relationships and gauging romantic potential for the future.

4. Say their first name three times, e.g., Ella Ella Ella.

Playfully say their name three times for a cheeky approach, best used with those you’re extremely familiar with.

It adds humour to the situation, indicating you’ve found them on the app and opens the door to potential romantic connections.

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