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How to See Who You’ve Sent Likes to on Hinge

This quick guide will guide you through the process and a clearer understanding of who you’ve sent likes to on Hinge, making your dating experience more transparent and enjoyable.

Can You See Who You’ve Sent Likes to on Hinge?

You can’t directly see who you’ve sent likes to on Hinge, but the capability varies based on your subscription. With the paid version, you gain the ability to view everyone who has liked you.

On the free subscription, however, you’re limited to seeing likes only if they are mutual – meaning you’ve liked someone, and they’ve reciprocated on vanilla Hinge.

How to See Who You’ve Sent Likes to

While Hinge may not readily display this information, there are clever workarounds you can use to see who you have liked on Hinge. Here are some steps to uncover who you’ve sent likes to.

1. Look at who you’ve already matched with.

Check your matches; if you’ve matched with someone, there’s a strong chance you’ve sent them a like.

Mutual matches offer insight into both parties’ interests, revealing potential liked profiles.

2. Before you send a like to anyone, screenshot it so you have a record.

Capture a screenshot of the profile before sending a like.

Your record of screenshots serves as a handy reference for profiles you’ve liked.

Can You Go Back and See Who Liked You on Hinge?

No, you can only use the undo feature once, and it’s limited to people you’ve pressed X on, not those you’ve liked. To identify who has liked you, focus on matches. Whether you liked their profile or they liked yours, matching reveals mutual interest.

Maintain a security advantage by taking screenshots of every profile you like. This precaution ensures you have a captured record, offering peace of mind in case of any issues during interactions.

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