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Reddit Statistics To Know Before IPO

Reddit Statistics

Reddit is a community of communities where people dive into their interests, hobbies, and passions.

Whether you’re into cosplay, knitting, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet’s cutest animals, there’s a community on Reddit for you.

Here are all the statistics you need to know about Reddit.

1. Reddit User Statistics

2. Reddit Community Statistics

3. Reddit Funding

4. Reddit Valuation

5. Reddit Revenue

6. Reddit Website Statistics

7. Reddit Glossary

Reddit User Statistics

Reddit has 52 million Daily Active Users and around 430 million Monthly Active Users.

Reddit users spend close to 24 minutes per day on the platform

Reddit Time Spent

Search interest on Reddit is highest as compared to other social media.

Reddit search interest

As per Reddit’s 022 Transparency Report, over 8.3 billion pieces of content are created on Reddit in 2022.

Content created on reddit in 2022

In terms of content removals, Reddit’s army of volunteer mods and admins does the majority of the work in this respect.

reddit content removal

As Reddit notes, the majority of these removals related to spam messaging, with ‘hateful conduct’, ‘harassment’ and ‘minor sexualization’ also topping the list.

reddit content removal reasons

Reddit Community Statistics

Anyone can create a community based on their interests. A community on Reddit is known as a subreddit, and has a unique focus and rules set by its moderators.

There are 100,000+ active communities on Reddit. There’s even a community to find specific communities.

Reddit Funding

Reddit has raised a total of $1.3B in funding over 11 rounds.

Their latest Series F funding round of $410 million was led by Fidelity on August 2021.

Reddit Valuation

Reddit was valued at a $10 billion valuation in its last funding round on Aug 2021. Based on the report that came out a month later in September 2021, the company expected to end that year at ~$350 million in revenue (implying a ~28x revenue multiple).

The company indicated expectations for its IPO at a ~$15 billion valuation in September 2021. But by June 2022, Fidelity had marked down its investment in Reddit by ~40% to a valuation of $6 billion.

Reddit Revenue

Reddit makes most its money from advertising on the site. The company says it made $100 million in advertising revenue in the second quarter of 2021, up 192 percent compared to the same period last year. The company expected to end the year at ~$350 million in revenue.

The company also offers a premium subscription for $5.99 per month that offers ad-free browsing, exclusive rewards and avatars and other customizable features not available for nonmembers.

Reddit’s average revenue per user (ARPU) about $0.50. This would make Reddit’s ARPU significantly lower than other social networks, even those with similar MAUs.

Reddit ARPU

Reddit Website Statistics

Here are some quick statistics about Reddit’s website (reddit.com) traffic (as of Feb 2023):

  • Reddit has about 1.8 billion monthly visitors.
  • Reddit is the 19th most popular site in the world.
  • Reddit is the 12th most popular site in United States.
  • The average visit duration of the site is 8 minutes and 56 seconds.
  • The majority of Reddit’s traffic is coming from United States (47.81%).
  • 51.65% of Reddit’s traffic is from Direct.
  • 46.17% of Reddit’s traffic is from Organic.
  • 1.02% of Reddit’s traffic is from Social.
  • YouTube accounts for 48.22% of Reddit’s social traffic.
  • Twitter accounts for 21.16% of Reddit’s social traffic.
  • 0.68% of Reddit’s traffic is from Referrals.

Reddit Glossary

Reddit: The name Reddit is a play on words – as in “I read it on Reddit”. ‘Reddit’ is a proper noun, however it can also be used as a verb, i.e. “to reddit”.

redditor, u/: A person who uses Reddit is a ‘redditor’. Names on Reddit are preceded by ‘u/‘ which is an abbreviation of ‘username’.
For example, “u/kn0thing”.

community, r/: The various discussion spaces on Reddit should be referred to as ‘Reddit communities’, or simply ‘communities’.
Community names are preceded by ‘r/’ which is an abbreviation of ‘Reddit’. For example, “the r/worldnews community”. Experienced redditors call these ‘subreddits’ or ‘subs’.

front page: The ‘front page’ is a feed where trending content is aggregated from across thousands of active communities on Reddit. This is the view of Reddit that is shown to all logged out users by default. “Making the front page” means that a piece of content has become popular enough to be featured in this feed.

home feed: Every redditor’s personalized feed of content is their ‘home’ or ‘home feed’. Trending content from communities they are subscribed to appears in their home feed.

profile: Content redditors have shared and discussions they have had on Reddit appear on their ‘profile’. For example, “u/kn0thing’s profile”. Currently, redditors can have a standard profile or a ‘profile page’ which allows users to post directly to their own profile.

post: A Reddit ‘post’ is the broad term for content (images, videos, articles, text) on Reddit.

comments: The ‘comments’ sit below posts on post pages, and are where redditors have public discussions.

subscribe: Redditors ‘subscribe’ to a community to see trending posts from that community in their home feed.

follow: Redditors ‘follow’ other redditors to see trending posts from that redditor in their home feed. This feature is exclusive to the new ‘profile page’ experience.

upvote, downvote: Redditors can ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ content to directly affect its ‘vote score’. A post’s vote score determines how ‘hot’ a post is, and its position on front page, home, and community feeds.

karma: Redditors accrue ‘karma’ when they participate on Reddit. Karma is a score that increases as a redditor’s posts and comments get upvoted. Karma is a numerical representation of the value a redditor has contributed to the site. It is not equivalent to a post or comment’s vote score.

moderator: Each community is run by one or many moderators. These are volunteer redditors who create a set of rules and guidelines for specific communities, to ensure there is a consistent flow of relevant content

AMA: ‘AMA’ or ‘Ask Me Anything’ is a live, open interview on Reddit. The interviewee introduces themselves, and commenters chime in with questions in the comments. AMAs have been hosted by celebrities, average folks, artists, even Bill Gates.

gold: Reddit gold is a digital currency that lives exclusively on Reddit. Gold can be purchased or gifted to another user. Receiving gold grants a user access to extra features to improve their reddit experience.

promoted post: At the top of a community or front page feed is a promoted post. This is a paid placement unit for advertisers to promote and syndicate content across Reddit.It is the home to Reddit’s ‘adversations’.

gifts: Reddit ‘gifts’ or ‘gift exchange’ is a giant online gift exchange between redditors. Gift exchanges are themed around everything from events to TV shows to holidays.

Snoo: Also known as the ‘Reddit alien’ or that ‘alien / bug thing’, Snoo is Reddit’s smiling, genderless community mascot. Snoo’s name is a play on “what’s new”. Snoo can also generally refer to its alien race, who are collectively known as ‘snoos’.

crosspost: A post must be placed in a specific and relevant Reddit community. However, if a post is relevant to more than one community, redditors can ‘crosspost’ the content to multiple relevant subreddits.

flair: Reddit communities are able to designate custom ‘flair’ that users can employ when posting in that community. This can be text, text plus image, or just image

trophy: Redditors accrue ‘trophies’ for various milestones on Reddit. These will appear in their ‘trophy case’ on their profile page.


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