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How to recover suspended Twitter account ? 6 ways

So, your Twitter account has been banned, and you don’t know why? Sometimes, you might also know the reason for the same.

Now, you want your old Twitter account back. Right.

Then this is the right guide to help you recover your suspended Twitter account.

These are some of the ways in which you can recover your suspended Twitter account.

1. File an appeal with Twitter Support 

2. File a complaint through Better Business Bureau

3. Contact Twitter Support

4. Contact Twitter through email ids

5. Get Twitter support through Reddit

6. Bonus Method

We will discuss these methods in detail below.

File an appeal with Twitter Support 

Twitter allows you to file an appeal with Twitter support.

Follow the below steps to file an appeal with Twitter Support.

Visit Twitter Help Center.

File an appeal with Twitter Support 

Click on Locked and Suspend account issues.

Log into your suspended or locked account in order to submit this request.

Twitter Support recover suspended account

Describe the nature of your appeal. Mention the reasons for canceling the suspension of your account.

You have to provide your name, Twitter username, and email to complete the application

What if you didn’t get any reply from Twitter Support?

Most of the time, you won’t get a response from Twitter support. In some cases, you will only receive an automated response. But, you can improve the odds of your success by following these methods.

1. Using different emails in appeal forms allows you to get a new case number and avoid the typical Standard response of duplicate appeal.

2. In a few cases, waiting for a week before raising a new appeal with the same email id also helps you create a new appeal with a new case number

3. Try improving your explanations in your appeal for why you didn’t violate any of Twitter’s rules.

4. If you know one of your tweets has violated their policy, make it clear that you are willing to delete the tweet and not repeat your behavior.

5. Keep appealing.

File a complaint through Better Business Bureau

Filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau (BBB) is free. You are just filing a complaint against a business that is not responding or giving you the appropriate information on why your account is faced with suspensions, locks and limits.

You can file a complaint with Better Business Bureau (BBB) about Twitter, and have BBB help you get a resolution to your problem.

Follow the below steps to file a complaint with BBB about Twitter.

Visit Twitter’s profile page on BBB.

Click on File a complaint.

bbb file complaint against twitter

Select any of the radio button which you feel is suitable for you.

file complaint against twitter through BBB

Click on File a complaint.

Now a popup will come up where you need to provide additional details.

Provide the required details.

Now you need to provide details about yourself and your complaint. You need to provide information such as what happened, your Twitter handle and email associated with the Twitter along with the date his incident been occurred.

bbb twitter file complaint

Once you provided the required details, review and submit your complaint.

Once the information is received by BBB, they will send your message directly to Twitter.

Tips to get a response from BBB

Look at the format of complaints for which the case was resolved on Twitter BBB. Most of them ended with a note explaining the importance of account to them. They were polite and kind while they explain the case.

Contact Twitter Support

You can also reach out to @TwitterSupport using a different account or you can ask your friends to reach out to them to explain the case. Mention the case number as well in the tweet.

You can request the Twitter team to kindly reconsider their choice of suspension and cancel it.

Many people were able to get their account fixed faster with this route than any mentioned above.

Contact Twitter through email ids

There are a few email addresses you can use to contact Twitter support to submit an appeal to your ban.

The majority of the time, you’ll receive an immediate reply from an autoresponder, but you may also receive a real response from a TikTok consultant as a follow-up.  

Here are the ones most likely to work – keep in mind, though, that they may be deactivated over time and new ones could appear instead.

You have to consistently email them to get your account unbanned. 

Get Twitter support through Reddit

If the above techniques doesn’t work out, you can discuss it on platforms like Reddit. They have an active community of users who answers queries related to Twitter.

Twitter reddit recover account support

You can also search for new strategies followed by people to get their account unsuspended.

These are some of the Reddit communities where you can ask Twitter-related queries.


How to make a new Twitter account after being suspended?

If nothing works out, you can let go of your old account and create a new account.

But there are still chances that your new account will also get suspended because Twitter will get to know that the same person has created the account, in some way or another.

To prevent the new account also from banning, follow the steps below.

1. When creating a new Twitter account, avoid using a mobile device. Instead, use your computer’s web browser and make sure you’re connected to the internet using a VPN. Twitter does not have control over web browsers. They do, however, own the software you put on your devices. Tweetdeck is one of them.

2. Make sure that the browser is secure, and clears all cookies and cache after every use. Google Chrome will not be a good choice as it tracks social media activity.

3. If you need to use phone to access Twitter, do a factory reset on the device. When you download Twitter’s app to this device, you should use a VPN on it.

4. Disable Twitter notifications on your phone anyways. This is because if your phone’s VPN fails, or you forget to turn the VPN on even though you’re not accessing Twitter, data is still going to your phone on your actual internet connection. This means your actual IP address is exposed to Twitter.

5. Get in the habit of logging out of Twitter after using it every time.

6. Don’t provide your phone number to Twitter.


How can I see tweets from a suspended account?

On Twitter, if an account is suspended, that means all of their tweets are “gone” unless the account is un-suspended. The only way you can view a suspended account’s tweets is if they have been archived or screenshotted somewhere else. You can check the Internet Wayback Machine for the same.

I appealed my Twitter account suspension but it was rejected. Does Twitter Support take a look at additional appeals?

Yes. Twitter Support does look at additional appeals. You should submit a new appeal, and make it even better. Follow the guidelines mentioned in this guide.

Can I get an archive of my suspended Twitter account?

Yes. File a request with the Twitter Data Protection Officer. Anyone whose account has been suspended can visit this link to file a request to download your archive of Twitter data (the same archive that active accounts can download from their settings; thus, all past posts and DMs, and any photos and videos included in those).

Wrapping Up

As discussed, here is what you should do to get Twitter Support to unsuspend your account.

1. File an appeal with Twitter Support through their system. Wait for some time.

2. If it’s been 10 days and you still haven’t heard back from Twitter Support, you should now find your open ticket e-mail, and reply to it every single day until you get a response.

3. Additionally, you can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You do not have to be located in North America to do this. Understand that the BBB cannot force Twitter Support to do anything one way or another. They serve Twitter with the complaint, and it is then up to Twitter Support to do something or not. They are merely an intermediary to hopefully get Twitter Support to take action on your open case in an expeditious manner. Note that the Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit advisory organization and they have no authority over businesses. They are not a government agency.

4. If you have an open ticket number you’ve received through Twitter’s system that has gone unanswered for at least 10 days, ask a friend to tweet @TwitterSupport about looking at your open case.

Hope you get an idea about recovering your suspended Twitter account. Kindly let us know if you have any queries.

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