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25 Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Want to give your bathroom a makeover? Whether you’re redoing a big primary bathroom or a tiny powder room, choosing the right paint color can make a huge difference. Here’s a rundown of some popular bathroom paint colors that can either demand attention or create a tranquil escape, all depending on your personal style.

Calluna by Farrow & Ball

This light paint, a blend of lilac and gray, creates a tranquil and sophisticated space. Bright white accents will make this color pop.

Bathroom Paint Color: Calluna by Farrow & Ball

Blue Gray by Farrow & Ball

A mix of blue, green, and black, this color shifts with the light throughout the day, offering a calming effect. It’s perfect if you want something subtle yet dynamic.

Bathroom Paint Color: Blue Gray by Farrow & Ball

Angelica by Benjamin Moore

Can’t decide between warm and cool tones? Angelica is a pale gray with a lavender undertone that can go either way. Use off-white and cream accents for a soft look, or add a touch of green.

Bathroom Paint Color: Angelica by Benjamin Moore

Glamour by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

This modern mauve can make your bathroom look vibrant and inviting. Use it all over for a bold look, or as an accent for a touch of personality. Pair it with cream or a darker shade like Poetry Plum.

Bathroom Paint Color: Glamour by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Etched Glass by Behr

This elegant neutral has a hint of blue, giving it a breezy feel. White trim and black hardware can keep the room looking sophisticated and polished.

Bathroom Paint Color: Etched Glass by Behr

Evening Dove by Benjamin Moore

A blend of navy, black, and charcoal, Evening Dove is perfect for a moody accent wall. Balance it with off-white on other walls, or go all-in with rich colors and natural wood accents.

Bathroom Paint Color: Evening Dove by Benjamin Moore

Sardine by Farrow & Ball

For a subtle pop of color, try Sardine, a silvery blue. It’s muted but adds enough color to make the space interesting. Pair it with a light neutral accent wall for a bright and airy vibe perfect for unwinding.

Bathroom Paint Color: Sardine by Farrow & Ball

Whole Wheat by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Warm neutrals like Whole Wheat bring coziness without being too bold. The yellow undertone adds a cheerful touch. Pair it with a white vanity and baseboards to brighten the room.

Bathroom Paint Color: Whole Wheat by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Onyx by Glidden

Onyx is a classic black that works great as an accent wall or the main color. Its dark neutral hue makes it easy to pair with various colors, allowing for a personalized scheme.

Bathroom Paint Color: Onyx by Glidden

Simply Sage by Behr

This greenish-gray color is a subtle way to add green to your bathroom. It fits well with almost any color palette, making it a versatile choice.

Bathroom Paint Color: Simply Sage by Behr

Whipped Cream by Behr

An off-white that works with any style, Whipped Cream is perfect if you have bold tiles and need a neutral backdrop to showcase them.

Bathroom Paint Color: Whipped Cream by Behr

Persimmon by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

For those who love bright colors, Persimmon is a beautiful peach. Use it for an accent like a vanity, and pair it with light blue for a striking combo.

Bathroom Paint Color: Persimmon by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 

Railings by Farrow & Ball

A softer black with blue undertones, Railings creates a dramatic look. Pair it with cool gray-white paint or natural wood accents and add greenery to brighten the space.

Bathroom Paint Color: Railings by Farrow & Ball

Kid Gloves by Benjamin Moore

This warm taupe pairs well with light greens, pinks, and blues. It makes even small spaces feel luxurious and serene.

Bathroom Paint Color: Kid Gloves by Benjamin Moore

Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams

Navy blue is a bold, classic choice that pairs well with white for contrast. It works with many styles, including coastal and traditional, and is durable with a high sheen.

Bathroom Paint Color: Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams

Clay Pot by PPG

For a cheerful start to your day, try a bright red-orange like Clay Pot for your vanity. Complement it with teal or dark blue accents.

Bathroom Paint Color: Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams

Gray Huskie by Benjamin Moore

This cool gray brings in the colors of granite and concrete, giving your bathroom a contemporary twist. Pair it with dark wood floors and bright white trim.

Bathroom Paint Color: Gray Huskie by Benjamin Moore

Writer’s Parchment by Behr

Buttery whites like Writer’s Parchment add warmth and depth to a bathroom. Use it to create a soothing style, accented with metallics and pinks.

Bathroom Paint Color: Writer’s Parchment by Behr

Hollingsworth Green by Benjamin Moore

Soft green paint like Hollingsworth Green can create a spa-like retreat. Pair it with white and beige accents for a refreshing look.

Bathroom Paint Color: Hollingsworth Green by Benjamin Moore

White Dove by Benjamin Moore

A bright white bathroom isn’t boring if you add layers of texture. Use materials like salvaged wood and shiny tiles to enhance a classic neutral paint color.

Bathroom Paint Color: White Dove by Benjamin Moore

Soft Sky by Benjamin Moore

This familiar blue brings the tranquility of the sea and sky to your bathroom. Use it as an accent wall and pair it with white cabinetry for a fresh look.

Bathroom Paint Color: Soft Sky by Benjamin Moore

Paris Romance by Benjamin Moore

A soft pink like Paris Romance makes a delicate backdrop. Pair it with white accents and silver finishes to keep it from looking too sweet.

Bathroom Paint Color: Paris Romance by Benjamin Moore

Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore

Charcoal provides a contemporary feel that’s warmer than gray but not as harsh as black. Use natural elements like a raw-wood vanity to keep it down to earth.

Bathroom Paint Color: Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore

Nurture Green by Sherwin-Williams

Inspired by nature, this soft green brings calm to your bathroom. Complement it with sandy beige accents and a white tub.

Bathroom Paint Color: Nurture Green by Sherwin-Williams

Earl Grey by Sherwin-Williams

A mix of gray and blue with soft cream trim, Earl Grey promotes peace and quiet. Use an accent band around the room to expand the space visually and add black touches for an updated look.

Bathroom Paint Color: Earl Grey by Sherwin-Williams

Choosing the right paint color can transform your bathroom into a serene retreat or a vibrant focal point. Whether you prefer bold statements or subtle elegance, there’s a color here that can help you achieve the look you want.