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40 Pool Deck Ideas for In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

Transform your backyard into a summertime oasis with the perfect pool deck!

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, there are fantastic deck designs to create a functional and stylish outdoor space.

This guide will inspire you with ideas for both types of pools, allowing you to craft a pool deck that complements your style and needs.

In-Ground Pool Decks:

  • Material Marvels: In-ground pool decks offer more flexibility in material choices. Here are some popular options:
    • Classic Concrete: Durable and versatile, concrete allows for customization with stains, textures, and stamped patterns.
    • Natural Elegance: Stone pavers like travertine or slate add a luxurious touch and offer excellent slip resistance.
    • Warm Wood Decks: Wood decks create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose pressure-treated lumber or composite decking for durability around water.
  • Shape it Up: Consider the shape of your pool when designing the deck. Rectangular pools pair well with rectangular or curvilinear decks, while organic shapes like kidney-shaped pools can be complemented by curved or free-form decks.
  • Multi-Level Magic: Create a dynamic space with multi-level decks. This can incorporate a raised lounging area, a dedicated sunbathing deck, or even an outdoor kitchen.
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Above-Ground Pool Decks:

  • Deck Up Your Above-Ground Pool: While above-ground pools have limitations, decks can significantly elevate their look and functionality.
    • Material Matters: Choose pressure-treated lumber or composite decking for their weather resistance.
    • Wrap Around Wonder: Design a wraparound deck that fully encloses the pool. This creates a more integrated look and provides ample lounging space.
    • Partial Perfection: Opt for a partial deck that extends from the pool for easy access and lounging. This is a space-saving option for smaller yards.
  • Going Up? Consider incorporating stairs or a built-in ladder for safe and convenient access to the pool deck.
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General Pool Deck Design Tips:

  • Safety First: Ensure proper drainage to avoid water pooling and creating slip hazards. Choose slip-resistant materials for the deck surface.
  • Sun and Shade: Balance sun exposure with shaded areas for lounging. Consider installing a pergola, awning, or large umbrellas.
  • Storage Solutions: Incorporate built-in benches with storage underneath to keep pool supplies and pool toys organized.
  • Light it Up: String lights, path lights, or recessed lighting can extend the usability of your pool deck into the evenings and create a magical ambiance.
  • Seating and Accents: Comfortable lounge chairs, ottomans, and an outdoor dining table will create a welcoming atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing.
  • Tropical Touches: Add potted plants, tiki torches, and colorful throw pillows to enhance the poolside oasis vibe.
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Remember: Research local building codes and permit requirements before starting your pool deck project. Consulting with a landscape designer or contractor can help you create a deck that’s both beautiful and functional for your specific needs and space.

With these ideas and some planning, you can create a pool deck that turns your backyard into a summer destination you’ll love!