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How To Play SSF Mode In Last Epoch?

In this guide, you’ll engage in the challenging yet rewarding realm of Solo Self-Found (SSF) mode in the Last Epoch.

The SSF Mode In Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, the Solo Self-Found (SSF) mode operates similarly to SSF in other games, but with stricter rules. In solo mode, each character possesses a stash of crafting materials and cannot engage in trading or partying with others.

While in SSF, you cannot trade or party with other players or characters. However, you can switch to normal mode at any time, forfeiting access to your Solo stash and materials.

Solo mode intensifies the loot experience, fostering excitement and challenge, and supports class-specific leaderboards.

Player preferences vary; some favour Solo mode, while others appreciate the flexibility of account-bound SSF or normal mode, depending on personal playstyle.

Types Of SSF Mode In The Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, SSF mode comes in two types: character-bound and account-bound.

1. Character-bound SSF. In this mode, items found by a character can only be used by that character. Each character maintains its stash for a strictly solo experience.

2. Account-bound SSF. Similar to Path of Exile, this mode allows items found on your account within the SSF league to be used by any character in that league.

3. Drop rates and balance. Drop rates in Last Epoch remain consistent across all game modes, including SSF. They have been balanced to provide a challenging and rewarding experience for players, regardless of whether they opt for character-bound or account-bound SSF.

How To Play SSF Mode In Last Epoch?

To begin SSF mode in the Last Epoch, follow these steps.

  • Launch the game and create your character.
  • Customize your class, appearance, and character name.
  • Enable SSF mode by checking the Solo box.
  • Click Create to embark on your adventure.

How To Access Stash In SSF Mode?

To access your stash in SSF mode, find stash chests near waypoints or towns, marked with a blue glow. Interact by pressing E or clicking it to open your stash window.

Here, you can store and sort items across 6 tabs, each with a 10 x 10 grid. Customize tabs by renaming and color-coding for organization.

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