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Mastering Planet Defense Mission In Helldivers 2

Ready to face the Automaton threat and save the planet? Helldivers 2’s Planet Defense mission is a heart-pounding challenge, but with the right tactics and teamwork, you can emerge victorious. Here’s your essential guide:

Objective of Planet Defense Mission

  • Rescue Science Teams: Evacuate scientists from Automaton clutches before the clock runs out.
  • Escort to Safety: Guide the science team to the extraction helicopter under heavy fire.
  • Coordinate and Conquer: Teamwork is crucial! Divide roles and communicate effectively.

Facing the Automaton Horde

  • Brutal Bots: Expect relentless waves of Automatons, each with unique abilities.
  • Gear Up: Pack powerful weapons like the Railgun and SG-225 Breaker Shotgun.
  • Orbital Onslaught: Call in Orbital Strikes and Eagle Air Strikes for devastating support.

Mastering the Planet Defense Mission

1. Assemble Your Squad:

  • Teamwork Triumphs: Four players are ideal, each with specialized roles.
  • Long-Range Power: Assign a player with a Railgun to neutralize tanks and Hulks.
  • Defensive Backbone: Utilize mortars and autocannons for area denial and support.

2. Fortify Your Position:

  • Strategic Stronghold: Choose a defensible location near the helipad.
  • Cover All Angles: Position mortars, autocannons, and other defenses strategically.

3. Protect the Science Team:

  • Smoke and Mirrors: Use smoke grenades or smoke machines to shield scientists.
  • Dedicated Escort: Assign two players to escort and protect the scientists.

4. Resource Management:

  • Ammo Awareness: Grab ammo from crates and resupply drops regularly.
  • Prioritize Power: Use special weapons like anti-tank launchers wisely.

5. Coordinated Chaos:

  • Target High-Value: Focus on eliminating tanks and Hulks first.
  • Constant Communication: Coordinate attacks, defenses, and strategies with your team.
  • Sequential Success: Completing the escort mission first can provide resources and momentum for later objectives.

Bonus Tips

  • Learn the “Battle Against the Tank” and explore the “Best Weapons for Automatons” guide for advanced strategies.
  • Don’t be discouraged by difficulty! Practice, adapt, and conquer the Automaton threat together.

This guide provides a solid foundation. Adapt your tactics based on your team composition, enemy types, and mission variables. With courage, coordination, and a dash of Helldiver spirit, you’ll secure the planet’s future!

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