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[Solved] Why Does Peacock Cut off the End of Episodes?

In this guide, we’ll explore the common reasons behind this problem and provide straightforward solutions to ensure uninterrupted viewing on Peacock.

Why Does Peacock Cut off the End of Episodes?

Peacock cutting off at the end of shows is usually caused by.

  • Browser compatibility issues, particularly with Firefox or Safari.
  • Outdated device or operating system affecting streaming performance.
  • Excessive data downloading, leading to app crashes.
  • Use of an old version of the video player in the browser.
  • Unstable internet connection, causing playback interruptions.
  • Autoplay settings in the browser triggering premature video endings.

How to Fix Peacock Cut off the End of Episodes issues

Now that you know the major causes of these Peacock problems let’s discuss the proven fixes you can try to solve this problem.

1. Sign in and out on Your Device. One of the best fixes you can try when watching your favourite series. Regularly logging out helps prevent data corruption, ensuring smooth Peacock performance.

  • Log out of your Peacock account on mobile: Settings > Gear icon > Sign out.
  • On the browser: Visit Peacock’s official site, click “Profile,” then “Sign out.”

2. Check Your Internet Connection. Check data or wifi connection. If using wifi, ensure the modem is operational. Contact your internet service provider for assistance.

3. Restart Your Device. Restart your device to clear bugs and caches affecting Peacock. Restarting devices resolves various glitches and enhances app performance.

4. Reinstall Peacock. Reinstalling resolves app-related issues, ensuring smooth streaming.

  • Uninstall Peacock on Roku: Highlight > Long-press Star > Choose to Remove > Restart Roku > Reinstall Peacock.
  • On iOS: Long-press HBO app > Remove > Delete> Reinstall from the App Store.
  • On Android: Long press > Uninstall > Reinstall from the Play Store.

5. Clear Peacock Cache. Clearing cache eliminates temporary files, enhancing app performance.

  • In device settings, find Peacock > Storage and Cache > Clear Cache.
  • Open Peacock, sign in and check for issue resolution.

6. Use a Different Device. Different devices help identify specific problems affecting streaming. Switch to another device if Peacock continues cutting off. Identify if the issue persists on a different device.

7. Update Peacock. Check for Peacock updates in the app store. Update the app to the latest version available.

8. Update Your Device. Running the latest device software prevents compatibility issues.

  • On Roku: Home > Settings > System > System Update.
  • On Amazon Firestick: Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for system updates.

9. Turn off Autoplay. Disabling autoplay prevents premature video endings. Disable autoplay in your browser settings.

10. Report Problem to Peacock. Contacting Peacock ensures professional assistance for persistent issues. Contact Peacock support with clear details of the issue.

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