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How To Solve Paws And Reflect Klue and Tip Mottob Klue In MK1

In this guide, you’ll uncover the secrets of “Paws and Reflect Klue and Tip Mottob Klue” within Mortal Kombat 1.

Paws And Reflect Klue: Blinking Contest In MK1

To solve the Paws and Reflect Klue in Mortal Kombat 1, enter the Blinking Contest through the dark portal found in the Living Forest.

Prepare for a 1v1 combat encounter with the Saurian Vanquisher. Defeat the level 26 Saurian Vanquisher using Li Mei’s Finisher move. Choose Li Mei, a level 30 fighter, for this battle.

How To Solve Paws And Reflect Klue In Mk1?

To solve the Paws and Reflect Klue, defeat the level 26 Saurian Vanquisher in MK1 using Li Mei’s Fatalities attack, specifically her Close Roman Candle move.

Li Mei possesses three Fatalities Finisher moves in Mortal Kombat 1: Winter Finisher, Close Roman Candle, and Close Grand Finale.

Li Mei Fatalities Finishers: Close Roman Candle

Li Mei’s Close Roman Candle is a devastating and lethal attack, instantly fatal to the opponent. As Li Mei initiates the Close Roman Candle, her fist emanates a menacing purple glow, signifying its destructive force.

Upon impact, the opponent suffers a devastating blow to the stomach, creating a fatal cavity. This move reaches its gruesome climax as Li Mei extracts the opponent’s intestine from the created cavity.

Finally, Li Mei employs an electric current to incinerate the extracted intestine, sealing the opponent’s fate.

Rewards For Solving Paws And Reflect Klue

Upon defeating the Saurian Vanquisher in the Blinking contest, a dark portal will emerge, leading to a treasure chest filled with rewards for completing the Paws and Reflect Klue in MK1.

Inside, players will discover the Legendary Mileeshoo Talisman, Common Seeking Batle Reiko Palette, and earn 250 seasonal credits as a bonus for their accomplishment.

How To Solve Tip Mottob Klue In MK1?

To solve the Tip Mottob Klue in MK1, access the Guiding Light via the dark portal, located within the Sun Do Festival. Prepare to face the Acolyte upon entering.

1. Reptile Vs Acolyte: Tip Mottob Klue.

The Acolyte, a level 33 opponent, stands as the challenge to overcome. Choose Reptile, a level 30 fighter, for the encounter.

2. Reptile’s Fatalities Finishers: Mid Indigestion.

Employ Reptile’s Finishers Fatalities move, Mid Indigestion, to secure victory. Follow the button sequence provided for optimal execution. The reptile transforms into a monstrous form, confusing the Acolyte.

Utilize the Reptile’s invisibility advantage to outmanoeuvre the Acolyte. Seize the opportunity to strike, defeating the Acolyte and completing the Tip Mottob Klue.

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