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What Is Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

In this guide, you’ll engage in the formidable power of the Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2, unlocking its potential to turn the tide of battle against alien threats.

What Is Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 immerses players in a high-stakes world where they risk everything to defend humanity from alien threats. As the last line of defence for Super Earth, Helldivers must equip themselves with formidable weapons, such as the Orbital Railcannon Strike.

This precision weapon of mass destruction can swiftly turn the tide of any battle, unleashing a devastating beam of light from the sky upon activation.

You can summon an Orbital Railcannon every few minutes, instantly obliterating the largest threat in the vicinity, be it automatons or hulking creatures, with unmatched efficiency.

1. Orbital Railcannon Strike stats.

While railguns hold their own on the battlefield, the Orbital Railcannon Strike redefines combat dynamics. Unlockable at level 20, acquiring this weapon demands dedication and upgrades.

With a rapid 1-second call-in time, it offers swift reinforcement during battles. Despite its unlimited uses, each deployment triggers a 210-second cooldown period.

2. Automated enemy targeting.

Upon activation, the Orbital Railcannon Strike autonomously engages enemies from above, inflicting devastating damage within seconds.

However, strategic timing is crucial, considering the lengthy cooldown period between uses. Exercise caution to optimize its effectiveness and plan your attacks thoughtfully.

Aim Precision In Orbital Railcannon Strike

The Orbital Railcannon Strike stands out for its precision targeting system, automatically homing in on the largest threat within its range.

Unlike other weapons that demand precise aim, the Railcannon Strike simplifies targeting, making it invaluable in hectic battles against swarms of bugs or automatons.

1. Penetrates through enemy armor.

An outstanding feature of the Orbital Railcannon Strike is its versatility in combat scenarios.

Whether facing hordes of enemies or towering Titans, its formidable firepower and armor-penetrating capabilities ensure the swift elimination of tough adversaries, making it an essential addition to any Helldiver’s arsenal.

2. Safety precautions for Orbital Railcannon Strike.

Despite its strength, the Orbital Railcannon Strike poses risks to unwary Helldivers. Its vertical beam of light, when called upon, can be as damaging to allies as it is to enemies.

To prevent unintended harm, position yourself safely away from the strike zone while maximizing its effectiveness on the battlefield.

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