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Most folks think the tops of kitchen cabinets are pointless. Here’s how to properly use them

The space atop kitchen cabinets is typically disregarded, often collecting dust and forgotten items rarely used. Many of us consider it as a design quirk or an inconvenient gap that serves no real purpose. However, this overlooked area has potential that is only limited by our creativity and organizational skills.

When utilized right, the tops of kitchen cabinets can be transformed into functional storage or an expressive corner of your kitchen’s decor. Here, we will delve into how one can effectively and aesthetically make use of this space.

1. Storing Infrequently Used Items

One practical use of the space above your kitchen cabinets is to store items that you do not need to access on a daily basis. Think seasonal dishes, special occasion serveware, or large, cumbersome appliances that are only pulled out for specific tasks. Keep these items in attractive bins or baskets to maintain a tidied look. This way, they remain out of sight but are still easily reachable when needed.

2. Displaying Collections

For those who love to collect items such as vintage tins, ceramics, or cookbooks, the tops of kitchen cabinets offer the perfect stage to showcase these treasures. When arranging your display, consider varying heights and textures to create a visually appealing vignette. Just remember to keep these items dusted and clean, as they can easily become sticky and grimy in a kitchen environment.

3. Adding Greenery

Plants can enliven any space, and the kitchen is no exception. If your cabinetry doesn’t reach the ceiling, this can be an ideal spot for some hardy plants that thrive indoors. Choose low-maintenance species that can tolerate varying conditions of light and temperature. The greenery will bring a touch of life and color to your kitchen.

4. Extra Lighting

Adequate lighting can alter the atmosphere of your kitchen significantly. Installing LED strips or small lamps atop cabinets can provide warm, ambient lighting while highlighting decorative elements you might choose to place there. This indirect lighting can also serve as a nightlight for those midnight snacks or late-night kitchen ventures.

5. Seasonal Decorations

Take advantage of this space by using it for festive decorations depending on the season or holiday. Whether it’s garlands during Christmas, spooky accents for Halloween, or springtime florals, these touches can help your kitchen feel connected to the time of year and add a sense of celebration.

6. Extra Storage for Bulk Supplies

For the bulk buyers among us, extra storage space is always a perk. The tops of kitchen cabinets can house those extra cans of beans or packs of paper towels. Again, keep these supplies in nice-looking bins to maintain an organized appearance.

7. Wine Storage

Wine enthusiasts with a lack of space might opt to store their bottles atop the kitchen cabinets. While not ideal for long-term storage of fine wines, this can be a handy spot for those bottles awaiting your next dinner party or casual evening in.

8. Creating a Cookbook Library

For those who love to cook, displaying cookbooks on top of kitchen cabinets can be both practical and pleasant to the eye. Not only is your collection easy to see, but it can also serve as an inspiration when you’re pondering what to cook next.

9. Hidden Sound Systems

Music lovers can tuck a small stereo system or speakers away on top of the cabinets. This can keep technology hidden while still filling the kitchen with music during meal prep or while entertaining.

The space above kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be dead space. With a bit of ingenuity, it can provide both functional and decorative benefits, enhancing your kitchen’s overall charm and utility. By considering the aforementioned points, you can transform this oft-forgotten zone into a valuable component of your kitchen’s ecosystem.

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