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Mk1 Last Lantern And Bloody Shield Location

In this guide, you’ll discover how to obtain the Last Lantern in MK1’s Invasions mode, unlocking the Sun Do Festival set.

Last Lantern In MK1

The Last Lantern holds a pivotal role in Mortal Kombat 1, forming part of the coveted Sun Do Festival set.

Discovering the Last Lantern unlocks the night version of the Sun Do Festival stage, along with its mesmerizing music and captivating concept art. Venture into the Invasions mode to undertake the challenge of obtaining this elusive item.

Complete A Challenge In The Invasions Mode

To conquer a challenge within the Invasions mode, follow these steps.

1. Select the invasions mode. Navigate to the main menu and opt for the Invasions mode. Choose your preferred character and Kameo, each with unique stats and elements affecting gameplay.

Traverse the board, featuring fights, towers, and minigames, using directional buttons or the analog stick. Zoom in and out using shoulder buttons for better navigation.

2. Start a challenge. Pick a node and confirm your selection to commence the challenge. Review challenge details including difficulty, modifiers, rewards, and requirements.

Certain challenges demand specific conditions like executing particular moves, fatalities or surviving for a designated duration.

3. Face opponents in a fight. Engage in combat against one or multiple opponents upon initiating the challenge. Utilize your character’s arsenal of moves, specials, and finishers to emerge victorious.

Employ kameo abilities by pressing the dedicated button, each offering distinct effects such as healing, boosting, or attacking.

4. Earn rewards. Successful completion yields rewards ranging from coins, souls, hearts, gear, and skins, to valuable items. Progress along the board, unlocking new nodes and challenges.

Failure results in a loss of rewards, prompting a retry or the selection of an alternate node. Exit the mode anytime through the pause menu.

5. Complete the invasions mode. Navigate through the board, confronting various challenges, until reaching the final boss. Defeat the boss to conclude the Invasions mode, with bosses rotating periodically based on themed seasons like Fire Temple or Cyber Lin Kuei.

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