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 50 Inspiring Living Room Paint Color

Your living room is the heart of your home, a space for entertaining, relaxing, and unwinding. The right paint color can set the tone for this versatile space, influencing everything from mood to perceived size.

But with countless options on the market, choosing a living room paint color can feel overwhelming.

This guide will help you navigate the world of living room paint colors, offering tips on selecting a hue that complements your style and space.

Terracotta Pink

An inspiring pink with a hint of red, adding sophistication to any living space.

Try: Backdrop Home’s Ghost Ranch

Light Blue-Gray

A smoky, light shade that appears neutral, perfect for balancing built-in bookshelves.

Try: Valspar’s Lighthouse Shadows

Deep Purple

This moody purple is trending for 2024, ideal for traditional living rooms.

Try: Sherwin-Williams’ Quixotic Plum

Chalky White

A soft gray with black pigment, offering a cozy and romantic feel.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Bruton White

Navy Blue

Timeless and deep, navy pairs well with browns, tans, whites, and gold accents.

Try: HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Salty Dog

Bright Yellow

An energetic yellow that enlivens a room without overwhelming it.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Bright Yellow

Charcoal Gray

A surprising choice for a living room, charcoal gray adds personality and depth.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Charcoal Slate

Crisp White

Always trendy, bright white contrasts well with colorful furniture.

Try: Backdrop’s Cool Moon

Raspberry Blush

A vibrant coral-pink shade that brings excitement to living spaces, perfect for accent walls or entire rooms.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush


A no-brainer for highlighting details like moldings and fireplaces.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray

Cool White

A classic white shade that makes any space feel comfortable and cozy.

Try: Behr’s Ultra Pure White

Hot Pink

Bold and vibrant, a hot pink shade serves as a stunning backdrop for a gallery wall.

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Try: Behr’s Hot Pink

Glossy Blue

Perfect for making an art collection stand out with its glossy finish.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Polaris Blue


Incorporate color subtly with plum, creating an inviting atmosphere with warm neutrals.

Try: Backdrop’s Not So Delicate

Soft Sage

Serene sage walls focus attention on a mix of patterns.

Try: Farrow & Ball’s Mizzle

Dark Green

A lively dark green that pairs well with blue furniture. Use flat or eggshell finishes for walls and ceilings, and semi-gloss for trim.

Try: Sherwin-Williams’ Rookwood Shutter Green

Soft Purple

Lavender walls add an eclectic touch, especially when paired with deeper purple shades.

Try: Dunn-Edwards’ Soft Purple


A bright interior with coral walls and a wall mural, complemented by statement furniture pieces.

Try: Dunn-Edwards’ Fresh Cantaloupe

Light Blue

A pastel blue that balances built-in bookshelves and lifts the mood.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Blue Allure

Sandy Beige

A statement-making beige paired with warm woods and natural textures.

Try: Backdrop’s Palo Santo

Soft Blue-Green

A minty blue-green shade that keeps spaces light and bright, even on fireplace bricks.

Try: Backdrop Home’s Skywalker

Bright Blue

A bright blue wall serves as a fun focal point, complementing red and white accents.

Try: Dunn-Edwards’ Beautiful Blue

Dark Teal

Enhance the drama with dark blue-green walls, trim, and built-in cabinetry. For extra personality, apply botanical wallpaper on the ceiling.

Try: Backdrop’s Surf Camp

Pretty Peach

Orange can be daring. Balance it with textured warm-toned furniture and complementary contrasting accessories to soften the boldness.

Try: Backdrop’s Aperitivo Hour

Bright White

Make your space feel larger and brighter with crisp white on every surface, ideal for modern beach houses.

Try: Valspar’s Ultra White

Sage Green

A nature-inspired shade, sage green brings calmness and versatility to living rooms. Pair with cool tones for added charm.

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Try: Magnolia Home’s Silverado Sage

Dusty Pink

This soft pink with yellow undertones is neutral yet distinctive, working well with various other colors.

Try: Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster

Classic Beige

Timeless and bright, beige complements many design styles, making your living room feel as luminous as possible.

Try: Valspar Villa Grey

Deep Black

Bold, cozy, and dramatic, black walls are neutral enough to suit any design style. Pair with a black marble fireplace and gold fixtures for a modern look.

Try: Behr’s Cracked Pepper

Warm White

A soft off-white shade with warm undertones is calming and perfect for a serene living room.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White

Exotic Pink

For a maximalist approach, a happy pink hue contrasts well with green furniture.

Try: Farrow & Ball’s Ringwali

Moody Green

Achieve a scholarly feel with a moody green that shifts from blue to green throughout the day.

Try: Glidden’s Night Watch

Mustard Yellow

A warm, brown-tinged yellow adds drama and looks stunning in a glossy finish.

Try: Behr’s Amber Brew

Muted Green

This green with blue undertones feels almost neutral, perfect for coastal designs with white trim and rattan accents.

Try: Sherwin-Williams’ Sea Salt

Silvery Gray

A versatile gray creates a relaxing ambiance, especially when paired with a white stone fireplace.

Try: Glidden’s Fog

Warm Beige

Warm neutrals combined with rich textures create a calm and inviting space.

Try: Behr’s Almond Cream

Dark Blue-Gray

An elegant blue with hints of green and gray adds sophistication when used on trim and ceilings.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Blue Spruce

Creamy Beige

This rich white shade adds warmth and pairs well with wood tones and plush seating.

Try: Farrow & Ball’s Matchstick

Purple Wine

A moody shade that looks great when used monochromatically on walls, ceilings, and cabinetry.

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Try: Benjamin Moore’s Grape Juice

Warm White

Freshen up any space with a warm white, complemented by light woods and neutral textures.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White

Cheerful Green

A deep green creates a cozy, striking ambiance, especially when applied in full gloss for a jewel box effect.

Try: Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green

Coral Pink

A tropical orange-pink reminiscent of sunsets, making a bold statement in living rooms.

Try: Valspar’s Coral Passion

Chocolate Brown

Enhances wood paneling and pairs well with beige tones, creating a warm, inviting space.

Try: HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Cobble Brown

Classic Gray

A subdued gray that calms and complements yellow tones in refined layouts.

Try: Sherwin-Williams’ Mineral Deposit

Mint Green

Brings a fresh and modern touch, emphasizing botanical accents.

Try: Sherwin-Williams’ Mint Condition


A cozy and calming choice, perfect for holiday decor and everyday lounging.

Try: Behr’s Rustic Taupe

Slate Blue

A pastel blue that adds freshness and depth with wood and metallic accents.

Try: Sherwin-Williams’ Dew Drop

Sunny Yellow

An upbeat yellow paired with a cream-colored fireplace for a lively look.

Try: Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Freeze

Rusty Red

A warm red suitable for holidays and year-round, paired with warm white furniture.

Try: Behr’s Fire Cracker

Earthy Tan

Earthy neutral walls create a welcoming foundation, enhanced by pops of pink and blue.

Try: Farrow & Ball’s Oxford Stone