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15 ways to do a LinkedIn makeover

Wondering how to improve your LinkedIn profile? Yes, you are at the right place to learn about doing a LinkedIn profile makeover.

In this article, we will find out different ways to improve your LinkedIn profile.

How to do a makeover of your Linkedin profile?

Following are a few of the ways to improve your LinkedIn profile.

1. Make a custom URL

2. Update appropriate profile picture

3. Standardize your headline

4. Create a summary

5. Improvise the experience section

6. Use keywords

7. Publish your work

8. Write about your skills and endorsements

9. Get some recommendations

10. Improvise the Achievement and skill section

11. Write in the first person

12. Improvise the way you write about your Accomplishments

13. Add the relevant data

14. Make good network

15. Use your Linkedin profile like a pro

Make a custom URL

You can start to makeover your Linkedin profile by giving a custom URL if you don’t have one.

A customized URL can make your profile unique and helps recruiters easily search for your profile.

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Update the appropriate profile picture

Linkedin is a platform for your professional development, so you have to upload a professional as well as a little friendly picture. This gives a good impression on the others searching for your profile.

A profile with a picture and relevant skills is more likely to receive page views than a profile which don’t have it. So always try to update your profile. 

Standardize your headline

The headline conveys who you are when someone looks into your profile, it gives a first impression of who you are.

Give your headline in a standardized professional way.

Don’t make it too long or short. It should contain relevant data.

Your photo, name, and headline (listed below your photo) are the only items people see when they do a search. When you create a headline, make sure to stand out from the crowd. Your headline stands for what you do or what type of job you are looking for. So make sure your headline is clear and will grab others attention.

Create a summary

You have to create a summary of your profile in a simple manner not too long or short in a standard professional manner. The summary is the second thing that others read after your headline and it is important to make it with relevant data.

A Linkedin summary includes.

  1. Your years of experience in the current field.
  2. A list of most relevant skills, includes programming, framework, software, hard skills used, etc,
  3. The current job title.
  4. Your excellence and accomplishments.
  5. Your passion.
  6. The type of role you are looking for.

Improvise the experience section

A unique experience section is a must in a profile, they may help for more reach. You have to optimize your experience section by including the responsibilities and achievements you have got during each position or job. This tells about your working nature. You can exclude irrelevant work experiences ( the background that you don’t need anymore).

Highlighting your recent experiences is one of the important things to do while you are on a job hunt.

You can announce the fact that you are seeking a job through your headline. It is the best way to catch recruiters’ attention. Turning on the open to recruiter’s options will always help to be notified by the recruiters and get messages from them.

Use keywords

You have to add relevant keywords all around the profile, so when anyone search for that keyword then your profile will come up.

You have to do a proper keyword search of what that job recruiters search for.

Publish your work

You have to publish or show your works to others in order to get more reach. This can include any projects, seminar works, programming, organizing any events, writing an article, blog, etc. This helps you to get anyone’s attention even without much experience.

You can publish this in the “Featured section”.

Follow the below steps to do publish your work,

Open the Linkedin app or website and login.

Click on the profile icon on the top left of the page. OR Click on the “Me” icon near the notification on the menu bar of the page.

Click on the “View profile”.

Click on the “Add Section”.

Click on the “Featured” section.

Now you can add your posts, documents, articles, etc.

Write about your skills and Get endorsements

You have to write about your skills and get endorsements.

You can ask your coworkers, and previous company members to endorse your skills.

Get some recommendations

You have to get as many recommendations as you could in a professional manner. You can approach the persons that you already know a boss or coworker or friend or business partner or anyone else who is fond of you.

The recommendations give social proof to your profile, they implement that the recommended peoples agree with your profile.

The best recommendations that you can always get are from direct management or a Boss who is fond of you. The second recommendations are from clients or customers who are satisfied with you and will help you to move forward. You can also ask your coworkers or others whom you think will help in your professional progress.

Improvise the Achievement and skill section

You have to tell about your achievements and skills to others and you can do this by posting about your works, being live in the platform, getting connections, etc.

Write in the first person

You have to use the first person when writing a profile and that helps you to connect when a person is going through your profile. Your Linkedin profile should sound professional, personal, and sincere.

Improvise the way you write about your Accomplishments

You have to include as many accomplishments you have achieved so far in a better way. This platform gives you a better way for explaining your accomplishments, skills, achievements etc. So write everything in a simple, professional way.

Add the relevant data

You don’t have to write a long story of your accomplishments, skills, you can write it in a simple manner.

You don’t have to keep about experiences that you don’t need anymore, make it more accurate and understandable. This enables you to stay focused on the job you need and also helps recruiters to reach to you.

You don’t have to fill your profile with buzzwords.

You don’t have to add soft skills or any skills which is not relevant.

Make good network

Your LinkedIn connection can rapidly increase your exposure and access to other connections. So make sure to build a relevant network.

Use your Linkedin profile like a pro

You have to use your Linkedin profile like a pro which helps you to do an advanced search for companies, people, jobs, recruiters, etc.

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Wrapping Up

Hope you get an idea about doing a LinkedIn makeover. Kindly let us know if you have any queries.

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